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  1. Hang in there. Maybe people will catch wind that it's inaccurate. We'll hopefully all get through this!
  2. I'm a bi woman and I feel ... NO. Also, no to bi people calling ourselves gay. That's not helpful. (I like accuracy, for one thing, haha.)
  3. I've been following this very closely. (OK, I'm probably also obsessed.)
  4. Woah. I thought they were poor but that is a sweet home; wayyyyy nicer than my childhood home and we were just regular broke, not poor-poor. (Although my parents thought it WASN'T a bad idea to move to a rich town, complete with snob jerk children to snub or bully me.) They probably fixed it up, too. ... Though apparently, when Britney was still a kid they built a whole gymnasium/dance studio, woah. OK. I was poor, I feel like that's settled, hahaha. I so dream of a dance studio room in a future house, but I'd like more windows.
  5. I don't really pay mind to anniversaries, but I want to say I love them.
  6. Deliciously nasty? ... Oh wait, here comes Peter Dinklage to save the day! I'll bite.
  7. Jewel has been releasing music this whole time. It's nothing that would likely be a hit in the past 15 or so years, due to her folksy nature and the overpowering rise of sounds that are completely different. Intuition and the 0304 album were huge departures from her usual art and sound. Yes, she "flops" by Exhale's standards, but she's not trying to please more than her fans and hopefully herself. It's just a different thing entirely, so what? Let her and other artists "flop" with their whole hearts in it. - - - My #1 contribution to this idea would be Imani Coppola. She's been making music independently since her hit album. She also now paints and has an extra Instagram for her visual art (painting). Her YouTube channel can be accessed from this embed, and it has a LOT of music.
  8. Because of the recent drama, "egos," fighting and "negativity." (Some people hate ANY "negativity," especially on Instagram.) Maybe it's really small and I just happened to catch it. I don't want to call anyone out and I'm not sure where it started. There are connections I don't trust, but I don't want to add fuel to something over hopefully nothing. ... OK, I also don't want to be too vague for you peeps, so I'll say the connection is a certain Billy and related oddness (to me). Search Instagram for #supportbritney (there's also Support Britney United, for some reason) ... I personally don't like it, but I'm keeping an eye on it. #sus Sorry to any innocent party over this, as I think the fans mean well and hope they're genuine, but I wish they'd be more skeptical. Maybe I should figure out how to use DMs on here, heh.
  9. I think it's kind of imploding or splintering because some people don't want to use FREE Britney anymore, they want to change the wording. They're not comfortable with the drama queens, but I think that's risky and not thought out. This change is diluted, vague and corruptible. Already, I think some well-meaning fans have been misled by "bad actors" manipulating from either the sidelines or as infiltrators. I'm concerned and don't fully know who's genuine and who's shady. Strengthen and clean up. Don't divide; unite! FREE Britney!
  10. @Jordan Miller Wait, you got it backwards (photos 1 & 2) and had me about to hail Anna for what she did ... NOT do ... it seems. You have some of us confused.
  11. Cool. I didn't look at the dates. And I thought that the censorship was a filter on each webpage and not just processed while publishing; weird, interesting.
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