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  1. Who’s surprised, ugly racist fat alcoholic southern hick ofc he said that just waiting for the day Jamie.......
  2. Wtf those sick people were waiting for Gaga to land in rome to go and attack her poor tiny dogs? And the poor dog walker I love my dog so much I’d probably crumble if someone STOLE him
  3. As she should screwing over the country that colonized and ruined her homeland
  4. He likes his sleeveless shirts she likes her crop tops they are both hot and make a good pairing okkkkk
  5. Considering I Stan both Shakira and Britney equally I do see similarities in them they are both dorky goofy total “Facebook” moms who don’t go out of their way to try to pretend they are 20 years younger and take part in a generation they aren’t in not saying there’s anything wrong in that but they are definitely not the most tech friendly and like to post whatever they want no f’s given but I look at Shakira and sometimes am sad bc I feel like if Britney had the same type of people in her life she could’ve had a similar outcome Shakira too became really famous in Latin America when she was just a teen, started out when she was 13, had her life publicized especially in Latin American countries, as she is MUCH more famous there, probably the biggest Latin star of all time, but the difference is she had supportive parents, good partners, and is now enjoying life with her boyfriend and two kids I just feel bad for Britney because they are two people who have such pure souls but sadly Britney was wronged in her life, and didn’t get what she truly deserved
  6. Omggg she is so sweet and it’s so sad to see what she went through idk if she acts anymore, or maybe doesn’t want to, but I’d love to see her in movies again
  7. madonna too busy being weird on social media and as if their little likes or insta stories do anything we need celebs actively involved
  8. Ikr meanwhile if that happened in Europe no one would’ve bat an eye
  9. NO IT WASNT MARLEAN, the plan was to rip off a skirt originally but it didn’t work out, so last minute they had this piece to rip off but instead the WHOLE THING RIPPED OFF, I don’t get how dense people can be and ***ist saying it was pre planned and Janet always planned to reveal her breast to live television
  10. did u even watch the video? are u braindead? poor janet was ripped apart to shreds, blacklisted from everywhere, and was bullied relentlessly while this ugly twink paraded around on his high horse, getting none of the blame, and taking no accountability, he said very vaguely a few times that he apologizes but clearly that was false if he can make sucha degrading video like this and that too in 2011??!! when he was GROWNN
  11. Now why did u just equate the life of a gay person to the life of a disabled person? not that there is anything wrong with people with autism but like? It’s not the same thing at all
  12. oh shhh gays be talking all kinds of **** about their ***ual lives 24/7 unwarranted too if Felicia a grown beautiful woman wants to show off her beautiful punani then let her do so brit was the one who wanted to get her laid back in the day too it’s high time
  13. I thought it was a rumor omg? but it’s confirmed the way Britney trending Rn and to think in 2019 how scared I was for her when she left instagram for months and then got admitted to that ward im so happy to know all my HIGHSCHOOL friends know about, parents, and mostly everyone at this point
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