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  1. Imagine being Britney spears and your "bf" is really with you for fame and doesn't care about you at all. That everything is a lie. No wonder she hates her father and would have no love for her career.
  2. And gaslighting turns into a freaking inferno. Burn, Sam.
  3. Well conajdering we've gotten approx 1/3 signed in 4 days. We may hopecully be able to accomplish this in 8 more days.
  4. I think so but if she's not working then they're gonna use whatever money she has left till it's all gone. They've been pretty desperate in making money off her name. The Applebee's commercial using her song (oops, I think?) and just this morning I heard a tide laundry detergent song on the radio to the tune of baby one more time but with the actual instrumental music in the background. So obviously they'd request royalties for that. That Amazon movie MY SPY has a scene where Dave Bautista is driving away from a big killing spree and again, baby one more time is played on the radio as he dings along. They're finding creative ways to get money if anything is connected to her.
  5. I totally didn't believe the cheating excuse. I feel like because he saw first hand what the cship was like towards her, and him being a lawyer, they prob got scared that he would be able to fight and win if they sued him or if he tried to sue them.
  6. He knew his place. Not in a bad way. I mean, he was also well aware of how Hollywood works since his dad was a famous guy and he was in the industry. Whenever they were out together at red carpet events he gave her the spotlight. He'd jump in to take a few photo ops as a couple and step back and give her the attention. He did what a normal guy would do in a relationship. Whereas Sam is like, "stand next to me... Make them see who I am"
  7. Well she's had that paid babysitter for 4 yrs now. I'm guessing a breakup is in the works if that's the case
  8. Well Lou does like to dominate, be in control. I'd like to see her flip her hair and break her neck
  9. 2016 after her bro took over for a bit, he gave her some freedom. That's why 2016 was the best Era recently. She was happy, comfortable, herself, etc. Lou and Jaime must've hated it Cuz it made her look totally fine and normal. They quickly made her life hell again to show the world she isn't well.
  10. First of all, if they were even asked,, which dumb dumb asked where her favorite place is? I swear if they don't know it's Hawaii, then THAT person deserves to be canceled lol
  11. At least u can see her profile Pic. I can't even find the acct! It doesn't exist lmfao! She didn't judt block me.... She blacklisted me from ever searching her up lmfao!!!!
  12. This! On top of this, like I always have said.... Britney said she was taken to that facility against her will. Sam tells TMZ and IG how she's fine and she's so brave, it's a sign of courage, etc etc. If you know your significant other is always threatened... Don't you think it'd seem a little suspicious she "voluntarily" checked into a mental health facility? If my bf was fine and I knew he was in a cship....... And his father tells me "Oh, B Checked himself into a facility" KNOWING that they were fine for a whike, I'd be like, "That doesn't sound right. They were fine this whole time. Why would he voluntarily do this?" It won't sit well with me and I'd Def see it as suspicious activity. I'd put my foot down and say, "You know what? F you. I'm done with this. You guys are taking it way too far." But did he ever do that? Never. Not once.
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