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  1. The alleged doting father who cares so dearly about her now but wasn't even involved in Britney's life 5 years prior to taking control over her life and finances, make it make sense Jamie hun
  2. Omgg thankyou!! Damage Control is like, one of my most fave songs that I've ever made! And same with the artwork for the remix single actually. We're on the actual same wavelength!!
  3. Can I use the 7/8 tracks I've already made? I wanna call it "Pure" but I'd probably end up calling it something dull like "Project 1" 1. Hold On 2. Sunrise 3. Damage Control 4. Back To Reality 5. Let Me Go 6. Real Groove ft. Ariana Grande 7. Crazy 8. Two Ghosts ft. Blink 182 9. Afterglow 10. Sometimes 11. Born To Make You Happy 12. Alive
  4. Imagine some of you lot still being negative on a thread about someone sharing a story from their darkest days. Imagine if people spoke about Britney the way you are with Demi rn? Because she might not have been far off. She's allowed to talk about this stuff when and where she wishes. It's literally part of her life. You don't have to listen to it, there are maaany different corners of the internet. Either have something positive to say or shut the **** up. Disclaimer: I don't even like Demi that much, her recent music isn't great, but damn the way some of you talk you actually need therapy.
  5. Whaaaat The song is probably my favourite off the album but it certainly didn't reach BOMT fame, the next song to do that would've been Oops! To put it into perspective, it's the final UK #1 to go Gold here, and it sold a third of what BOMT did in Germany
  6. I think Lucky stood the test of time because people think it's autobiographical, but it's also a BOP. I didn't know she'd only had 2 #1s in Germany, that's wild!!
  7. I always supported JL because she had clearly been there during trying times, but to go through this kinda effort to debunk something like this when she's remained tight lipped in every other circumstance isn't a good look at this point
  8. This is the equivalent of when Trump thought people cared whether he was attending the inauguration. I bet the outlets were like "Hillbilly Telegraph" with a reach of 10 people. Nobodys checking for you boo
  9. I wouldn't call it her hugest hit tbh, definitely her most overlooked number 1 I personally love the song but I hear people talk more about Lucky and that reached #5! I don't think it's had as much of a lasting impact in comparison to say the likes of Sometimes and Stronger. I think the release was just good timing for the UK market
  10. I think y'all are being a bit overdramatic. This was clearly just a bit of fun and something to lift people up during a weird time in our lives. I'm sure Jordan didn't have ill intentions towards a community he has been building for years. Perhaps there was an error of judgement, nobody is perfect. Don't forget that he is a human, just how you preach about being kind to Britney, apply it everywhere in your lives.
  11. I agree with most of what you're saying, but can we stop spreading false stories about people? She didn't eat the cat, she wanted to preserve the skull for taxidermy. I can tolerate people expressing opinions but we're at a dangerous point in society where people add 2 and 2 and get 5. People saw her boiling the cat - which is quite rightly odd, but anything is when out of context - and instantly jumped to conclusions and made their own narrative and I think that's wrong.
  12. Seeing all this love for Britney and all these people finally apologising makes me really emotional
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