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  1. What’s weird and gross is having this picture at all. And with this logic , you can’t walk in the mall and think someone passing by has interesting shoes .. oh well. It’s interesting clothes for a hike that’s all When one of her kids wore some cookie sweater everyone commented . Anyways thanks for clarifying your comment remember it when you analyze her face in the plastic surgery topic. Be best
  2. Yes because one can’t comment on attire of teenagers. Yet people comment on looks and talk about much other things that people can’t change. It’s an interesting choice of attire for a hike that’s all also I wish fans would use this same logic of being overly cautious when it comes to Britney’s face
  3. The outfits are a choice. I have no idea Who is who. I’m sad this leaked
  4. The microphone squeak at :27 during FTBOMBH always bugged me as well as her breathing during the chorus . BOMT should have had pre recorded vocals and what they did with the background singers belting the last chorus was not okay. Not my favorite , but I do overall appreciate that it was half live
  5. I’m more curious about Jamie’s hair, when did he get a hair transplant. Brian Spears doesn’t have as good of a hairline as Jamie. Can we discuss that
  6. 100% agree. Interesting points about how she mentions regret and calls many primney iconic moments stupid ... girl will definitely never be a slave to the industry again. Then again the industry has changed post social media I think in someways post conservatorship Team Britney stood up and fought for her with the label and obligations that she wasn’t able to do herself pre conservatorship which is why she may not have fought it much post femme fatale ... I really do believe she enjoyed the Vegas dynamic and just wanted more babies at the end and perhaps her dad got greedy and signed the agreement for domination and refused to let her have babies with Sam and this is how we got where we are .. On another note, everyone needs to go watch the chaotic scene with her wedding and her dads reaction .
  7. I don’t know how many people are old enough to remember 2006-2008 in Britney world. She was unraveling the image and brand her team created. Fans were having melt downs when she wouldn’t attend award shows she was scheduled to appear at, the gimme more video, kfed, Matt lauer interview look, kiss fm black out promo, gimme more vma performance, chaotic, go to the light and see Jesus, break the ice video, Cheetos, shar Jackson, Jason Alexander wedding .. girl was in pain and sick of the brand but the whole fan base and media were not ready to let her go. everyone thought they owned her. The view celebrated her divorce as it being the return to the Britney we all knew and loved the conservatorship at the time of for the record seemed to show Britney as back to what we wanted and expected and she had several big eras after that . Fans ate it up . looking back if she kept unraveling the brand I wonder how she would be perceived by the fan base and media now? it seemed obvious she wanted out atleast for some time ... even she said Keri hilsons background vocals sounded like her anyways so whatever .. and the conservatorship forced her back ... I’d like to think she would’ve went away and dealt with her issues and came back stronger but it’s interesting and sad to think the conservatorship played a part in saving the brand. I think they forced her into this to keep her fans consuming the product. So we in many ways were and are the problem ... do we think this free Britney movement is ready to let go of the criticism of the Britney brand or are we always going to compare her to controlled primney ... and call her lazy , knee taps , bull**** video body doubles , vocal trickery , no promo, lipping to 20 yr old vocals, old nose , gapped teeth in the future Is the fan base ready to accept the real Britney Spears that we actually never knew outside of the carefully constructed image ... a girl who may have the same view points and mentality as Brian Spears or Jamie Lynn Spears ... a sheltered country girl who worked so hard that she didn’t have time to get exposed to political and societal changes over the years . And could easily say something non PC that could cause a stirr in today’s cancel culture . a girl who would see her career as a hobby and not her main priority . regardless I hope fans can let their version of Britney go so atleast team Britney doesnt see financial gain in continuing the conservatorship for the sake of keeping her in check for the brand or “ family business “
  8. She said “ I’ve been in this conservatorship for 3 years “ girl it was 8 years at the time
  9. Victoria Beckham Jessica Simpson did the same thing . Left music for other lucrative deals that where much less work
  10. Again she won’t resubmit them to the Grammys. also Alanis recorded jagged little pill acoustically . Artists do this stuff
  11. Honestly . I think somethings should be left in the past . I am sick of this type of cancel culture. Like should we remove saved by the bell because every episode Zach Morris did something super not PC Britney played the media . She had an option of stopping the cry me a river video . But she herself was so used to being used by everyone that she let everyone use her because she didn’t really care and didn’t take herself that seriously. it’s one thing to mock Britney when she was down, but she was on top so idk I don’t see this that same way. I hate Justin Timberlake but for other reasons . I just am sick of people judging people based on a society that was different. We’ve grown as a society . And we shouldn’t make these same mistakes . where is Rita Oras apology to Rob Kardashian where is Eminem’s apology to Christina Aguilera he literally says she gave two guys head and gave him an STD. It’s almost becoming a double standard. Like women aren’t this fragile and the fact people are painting Britney to be this fragile being when she was on top is almost offensive. This girl suffered not from all that crap but from the papz and her divorce . Idk I just think this is getting kind of over the top . Not just Britney but everything
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