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  1. Omg, not you making a poll about yourself but then losing it. Tragic. Pull a Rita Ora and say you got hacked. I voted for you, though, because you've been iconic for longer, and you're also responsible for one of the most iconic emotes in Exhale history - . Love you both, though.
  2. Ugh, came here to post the iconic chicken of the sea clip, but someone already beat me to it.
  3. Not only is it super euphoric, it makes you feel like your life is this grand, one in a million journey. It really does make you walk towards the future and what's to come with open arms, an open heart and a bright, hopeful outlook.
  4. Wait what?! I thought this would be a mix of a little bit of animation and an actual MV like "Physical". I mean, it's cute - I like the aesthetic and art style. But I don't see myself watching this more than once.
  5. She's found the love of her life, so there's nothing for the media to talk about anymore. And the "feud" with Katy is over too.
  6. I'm shook - I knew that Madonna was a Leo just like me, but I just found out that we share Moon signs too (Virgo). Ngl, that makes me so happy because she's my biggest idol (not so sure about today's Madonna, but still). I'm kind of surprised, though - my Virgo Moon really quite mutes my Leo Sun (at least externally), but Madonna seems to be a true Leo through and through.
  7. I made this new emote, but the only way I can use it is in shady posts, so I'm reaching really hard now.
  8. For someone who dislikes her, you're weirdly obsessed with her, Luv.
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