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  1. What she said feels like a stretch in 2021. Besides, from what I've seen, it's women themselves who always perpetuate that whole "dyeing/bleaching/shaving your own hair or cutting your own bangs = mental breakdown" thing, but whatever... She looks great. Stream Florets:
  2. The Royal Family can choke. They creep me the F out, and I'm certain there's an endless amount of skeletons in their closet.
  3. I love how much she interacts with her fans, and she handled this whole thing really well (minus the size-shaming part).
  4. This is already a thing. There's entire websites dedicated to NSFW deepfake content.
  5. Found out about her like 2 weeks ago. Love her dry-azz sense of humor. Just wholesome British food content. Love this girlie to pieces, as she never fails to brighten my day. She makes some of the most high quality content on the platform. A 90 minute video that's as long as one of my uni lectures?! You bet I'm dropping everything to watch this. Nat never fails to challenge my views, and I adore her for that. She pulled me out of that whole anti-SJW side of the internet. Another channel that I watch to challenge my views. I don't agree with her 100% of the time, but I love hearing about the perspective's of people from other communities, and she's hella pleasant and articulate on top of that. She makes me ponder topics that I'd otherwise never ponder otherwise.
  6. I wish male idols weren't expected to be clean-shaven, but if your target audience is 13-year-old girls, I guess that's what sells best. Like, I was so excited when I saw some freakin' arm hair on a male idol: Do you know how pathetic that is?! Like, this is a literal bread crumb, yet I was so excited.
  7. His whole solo career has been a gay thirst trap. He for sure knows what he's doing: If this outfit doesn't scream dirty gay club debauchery, I don't know what does.
  8. This meme will never not be funny: Anyway, muscles do nothing for me. Boy really thought he could give me crumbs and expect me to be impressed. I mean, good for him (especially considering his age), but where's Charlie Puth when you need him?!
  9. Speaking of ****-shaming, I wonder what she's gonna do with Better Than Revenge when she re-records Speak Now. That song has bitter ****-shaming written all over it: "She's not a saint, and she's not what you think - she's an actress, whoa She's better known for the things that she does on the mattress, whoa" I mean, it's a clever rhyme, but it does not fall in line with what she's been preaching for the past years.
  10. It might've been a #1, but it came and went like the non-event that it was. Rain on Me was a blip in the container of matter, space, and time that we call the Universe. Rain Over Me was a whole moment. In fact, it was THE moment when it came out.
  11. Go off, T-Swizzle. Tay saying 'horse ****' is the energy I want to carry into 2021. Jokes are fine and to be expected, but this was a particularly bad and unfunny one. Plus, it was hella dated considering the fact that Tay and Joe have been dating for like 5 years at this point. I'll never understand the hate Taylor got for dating around in her 20s. That's so freakin' normal, (especially for a celebrity). Besides, every songwriter in the industry writes love songs, so I'll never understand why Tay got so much crap for that.
  12. Omg, after rewatching the MV for Rain Over Me, I can't imagine how awkward filming it must've been. They look so awkward dancing in that desert. Either way, Marc Anthony can choke me. Also, not me having Planet Pit (the album Rain Over Me is from) on CD when I don't own a single Britney album... Can you blame me, though?! That album had so many hits that I used to unironically listen to it all the time as a kid.
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