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  1. The music video for Alexandra Stan's Mr. Saxobeat premiered on November 14, 2010 but I can't find when the song itself was released (in Romania as it was released worldwide in 2011). Anyways let's just celebrate the anniversary of this bop!: @PokemonSpears You might be interested
  2. Omg yeah I agree. @Jordan Miller We'd love a sad reaction! GGD has it and it's very useful. As for Rina her snub really was so disheartening to me because it felt like no matter what, Asians still won't get the proper representation and I know BTS got nominated but I mean Asians who grew up/raised specifically in Western countries like Rina, it's so rare to ever see that kind of representation properly (BTS was lucky to even be nominated) especially when Asian parents don't even provide support for their children who want to go into these types of fields. Her album was literally in English but it's like no matter how much Asians (or any marginalized groups growing up) try to "fit in" and compromise for Western validation, it still isn't enough for them. I feel whiny bringing up race but when you have stuff like Yummy being nominated I can't help but bring it up like we shouldn't be wasting energy on this, it should have been resolved long ago
  3. "In other words, the Pop committee may have considered him R&B and the R&B committee considered him Pop." They basically can't handle seeing a Black artist be called pop But even if he was neither he still deserved at least 1 nom imo
  4. Also lets not forget they were trying to be diverse this year
  5. He wasn't even there because he was mad at them yet they decided to let him win over these powerful women
  6. @jonjon2000 Mess omg I think you're my first dislike I received on here. What happened?
  7. Ugh this is reminding me again (which I wanted to forget) of Shape Of You, a song about being h*rny, winning over all of the other females in the category who had more important meanings/messages. Like I said maybe if we were in the Purpose era I wouldn't mind but Yummy??!! I've watched about it being possibly about ***ual predators but the end product is still iffy if you get what I mean
  8. Ugh the fact that so many artists got snubbed only for Justin to appear more than once Maybe if we were in 2015 with the Purpose era I wouldn't mind but seriously?? Changes??
  9. From a U.S. citizen, the fact that it was a French song that sounded "unqiue" like this that achieved success is so cool and especially the fact that it's from the 2000s. I feel like the 2000s is usually ignored (not in terms of nostalgia) as in you would expect the last international hit French song to be like in 80s instead and not the 00s sounding like this if you get what I mean haha. Also @PokemonSpears would you be interested in being part of the Twitter Team?! @Jordan Miller
  10. Noooo not this video Someone was using this to drag an Alizée stan in the K-pop thread on ATRL the other day, it's apparently conveniently blocked in France https://atrl.net/forums/topic/274129-k-pop-discussion-plagaespa-new-gg-inspired-by-all-the-gg/page/3057/?tab=comments#comment-17585710
  11. @Blackout2006 What Needleney said!^ She achieved success worldwide (at least throughout Europe). Her debut was very successful and controversial 'cause obviously Lolita is controversial, she was 15 at the time. I recommend you give her a listen, she served bops!: I
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