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  1. I think this blind item is unfortunately true. Its all make sense when you think about it. Did we didn't find out recently they are paying for Sam from the court document? Because he is like Britney's personal chef. He has an own ajanda. He is not working with team cship. He wants baby with Brit I guess. Cuz baby means life time money from Brit. That's why he and Jamie are enemy now. What Britney needs life coach and right treatment.
  2. How Britney's doctor suddenly past away still suspicious to me just saying. I hope Britney is safe too. Jamie is control freak. Something is totally wrong with him. İ believe Courtney too.
  3. This post is screaming damage control. It's kinda shading the documentry. I don't think Britney behind it and of course they used Toxic performance for general public.
  4. I think Britney wanted marry and make a baby with him. But of course her father was against that. So that's why she started to fight realy hard this time. But I wish I can believe Sam is not opportunistic. But I don't think so.
  5. Wtf the demo is much better. Especially the lyrics. I wish this was a collaboration between Britney and Charlie XCX then. I think team cship forced her to record Pretty Girls mess. They may thought they can reach younger audience that way but end of the day it was a big flop.
  6. They are all about themselves. They have no idea about Brit. I don't think they have enough information and team chip may manipulated them behind the scenes. Who knows? Maybe they are creating rumors about Britney's mental health. Madonna always used popular singers for attention. Britney was a big deal back then. That's why she did collaboration with her. She knew its gonna all over the news when she invited Britney to her 2008 tour. That's why she acted like she is caring for her. Last time she used Drake during the Coachella for example.
  7. She’s literally trolling her team and some people at this point and it’s ******* hilarious. I found very sarcastic that how she saying "I love sharing. "
  8. The rage and sadness I felt watching It didn't reveal something we don't know. But it worked for general public. I'm pretty sure they found so much more. But cuz of NDAs and legal reasons they couldn't share. Unfortunately we r Britney's only voice. Everyone is else either ignorant, scared or under a NDA.
  9. Let's be real after 2008 she never looked like herself. She is still a beautiful woman. But yeah noise job was unnecessary. She just needs right makeup and lighting.
  10. Danja is so desperate. He has been begging them to use his materials for years now. At least you tried sweaty. I'm not against him. But we need something totally different. it's not gonna happen. She didn't record anything after cancellation of Domination. Her priority is not recording new music obviousy. I think Larry is not working for her anymore. I hope we won't see Larry anytime soon. He doesn't give a **** about Brit. So educate yourself Danja and just support free Britney movement instead trying to get attention.
  11. She makes bops. But mainstream temporary ones. She couldn't find her path if u ask me. What she needs is something unique.
  12. I know she likes trolling but that's so unnecessary. You have only one real goal Brit: Get rid of Jamie.
  13. It's definitely early demo. We love how much they love overproduction. I think with different production It has a potential. Because her vocal performance is good enough. But I'm not here for Edm.
  14. Cuz of cship she lost her touch with real world. That's also why she couldn't act like other celebs. She basically doesn’t know how to use social media, how to edit videos, how to do photoshop. I believe her handlers gave her freedom for her Instagram cuz these posts making favor for them. They always using her instagram posts against her via media with ****ty articles, manipulating general puplic about her mental health. We learned not long time ago they are gathering data from Britney and then after that they are posting to Instagram. So I thınk sometimes they are not receiving anything new from her thats why they keep sending same videos, pictures.
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