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  1. Was he on a commercial for spandex or something?
  2. This has been posted on other Instagram accounts too! ^ Paris Hilton commented on this one!
  3. I’m here for it! Especially when the Free Britney thread has gotten so much traction since it was first created!
  4. He’s pressed we’re calling out his employer (aka Jamie)
  5. They’re so good! The alter to Paris
  6. You know to crank the volume up when the song begins
  7. I’ve been a fan since Blackout but joined during the Glory era! So many fun and chaotic memories from that time on Exhale! At least you’ve joined and have a place dedicated to Britney!
  8. Are you in Los Angeles or SoCal? Because it’s the same distance for me! And I was considering Domination but we know where that went!
  9. I definitely don't defend the unnecessary fights or the hurtful things she has said, but there really is no denying that she’s talented. She writes, she sings, she raps, she has a vision. Bhad Bhabie can’t relate
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