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  1. Until now I saw the full list and: Amor Prohibido and Donde Estan los Ladrones make the list! such a shame their top low. I can't believe John Mayer make it but no In The Zone or Oops or BOMT or Britney (even Glory deserved more) Usher's Confessions rank higher than Blackout Damn! even Billie Ellish and Drake rank higher Taylor deserves to be in the list but no that high (not higher than Blackout) It's a joke include Greatest Hits albums, like why? Hell, how much payed Beyoncé for include that Destiny's Child album and so high? The only Kanye album who deserves to be in that list in Dark Twisted Fantasy, maybe Yeezus but Top 400 After seeing the whole list Blackout definitely deserves AT LEAST Top 150 but fit more in the Top 30, but...
  2. Nobody listen to radio anymore And yes, she needs to leave RCA ASAP, that trash record label needs to be out of the picture. And with sound, I don't think rock could match with GP interest right now, rock has been death since mid 00s. She needs to appeal with the streaming generation, if she does it her career will do great, she could appeal with them, Criminal is a good example of that.
  3. Actually 911 sound more like Blackout, you could see how Blackout still influence pop music
  4. I will specially with that kind of questions. Jokes aside, gurl, you don't need to act so pressed just because people don't agree with you, if you want to believe in that stuff it's all in you.
  5. The way MK Ultra became a conspiracy theory it's abismal, MK Ultra was a disgusting way to found how to torture a war hostage... Why the US goverment would care to do it with popstar, actors and others celebrities? To the project it's nonsense, and actually the project ends many, many years ago. Stops with conspiracy theories, it's dumb.
  6. I know how hard it's to deal with that kind of stuff, I dealt with that when I was 16... I show (in a very rebellious way) my family that nothing would "change" me and that they need to respect me, I have to do it because I had no place to run... But in your case, life gives you a chance to be free and happy... Now you have a REAL home and REAL family with you boy, someone who really loves you as who you are. If you family really cares about you, they will search you when the time it's right for them to accept it, but don't let that bothers you, live.
  7. Actually, the best option for Bluetooth in that case is LDAC but only for Hi-Fi audio (only available with Sony products), no codec it's enough for Hi-Res. I don't know about Airplay, I'm not a fan of Apple
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