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  1. Czech Republic here Saying ,,Hi” front the middle of the Europe
  2. Titanic Braveheart Legends of the fall Pearl Harbor Lord of the rings Cruel intentions Kill Bill Game of thrones Texas chainsaw massacre: the beginning Once La la land Intouchables
  3. These two above... Everybody including Mariah is overreacting. Celine was just feeling the song and she has THE VOICE so can you blame her? Funny that I never noticed anything uncomfortable watching the video before until reading this post..
  4. So three weeks ago in our newest season of Tvoje tvář má známý hlas (czech version of Your face sounds familiar), social media influencer https://www.instagram.com/andrea.kalousova/?hl=cs performed WB and I can´t what do you guys think? these kind of videos always remind me what a queen and performer Britney is a why we all love her but at the same time pisses me off because when it´s Britney in these shows, it´s always performed very weakly and I still wait for someone to ´´do her justice´´ as an artist but I guess it really isn´t easy to be even close to Britney... I don´t know you can look up performances from previous season on YouTube (just stype Tvoje tvář má známý hlas Britney) and share them if you want to in the replies so we can all ´´ have fun´´ watching all those miserable performers :D
  5. Thank you so much for bringing attention to my ´´before-Britney´´ (es. 2007) queen Rachel Stevens! The album is SOOO great and so ahead of its time....I listen to it from time to time and never get tired of it.. My personal favourites - Crazy boys, Secret garden, Dumb Dumb, NGATG, Funny how and I will be there For some weird reason, the singles were the weakest for me - especially ISNA(BHWA). Love Negotiate with love tho.
  6. Also - Radar s This! Radar should have been included in the poll! It´s a Blackout song (single) and we ALL know that and we ALL know the only reason why it was released in the Circus era... Also Radar included in this poll would make the decision much easier for ALL of us :D Love the song but it´s the weakest..
  7. Question is the worst single and not the worst video guys! Piece of me is the worst out of those three even though I love it so much (even more with the video, performances,...). Piece of me is soo great when you watch the video but single (song) speaking Gimme more and Break the ice are superior to it. Production, melody,...
  8. One of my most favourite videos of hers! Definitely in TOP 5! The intro The bed scenes Her confidence and camera personality The song itself (even though it´s a cover it has that Britney touch, her unique electro pop sound she created). Alongside Slave, Toxic and few others it´s THE video that I play from time to time to remind myself who am I stanning and why I love her I could watch it over and over again Kevin tho
  9. Do not turn it into something it is not! Katy has opinions and shares them! For some she paid the price. That is life. Britney doesn´t say bad things and she is a sweetheart I get where you´re coming from. But I really dislike how some people in here react to things in very very very childish way (even though they are entitled to it) and act almost like cyber-bullies. She answered question, she gave her reason, you dont´t like it? That´s okay! If you´re gonna write things like ´´maybe they would make Katy relevant again´´ (which you are entitled to do so), here comes me reminding you that Britney didn´t have commercial succesful albums either.... I hate HATE! I tend to stand up for people that I feel are mistreated... same way I stood up for our QUEEN in 2007-....
  10. You LITERALLY quoted me so what are you talking about? And I am not deffensive nor micro or macro agressive I´m just genuinely laughing here behind my computer at 11:57 P.M. because of your psychological comment and I don´t feel I have the power or interest to ´´fight´´ with you in such dangerous place that internet is, that´s why I wrote ´´enough of.....´´ Bye Karen
  11. I do not check who writes them comments When I disagree with what I read I downvote... I´m always happy to press thumbs up or heart though, so waiting for your worthy comment from now on
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