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  1. 2020 has been crazy too with all of the conservatorship stuff coming out .. but I would say that was good. I know Britney has a long legal battle in front of her but I believe she’ll prevail in the end. When this is all said and done Britney is going to have a great story to tell. I would love for her to tell her story on her terms and in her words like maybe a book 1st, a documentary and then the big screen! She deserves it!
  2. Oh wow Thank you for this! I knew exhale would come through. 🙌🏾 I honestly had no idea when recorded this but man she was on FIRE during The Blackout sessions. Pretty much everything she recorded for Blackout is A+ material! Speaking of Rebellion, do you think we’ll ever get that song in full?
  3. I know right I been hooked on this song since I discovered it. This is the song in full tho lol. Songs during that era in the 1960s were pretty short. The original version is only 2m and 58 secs. I originally thought that too when I 1st heard it.
  4. Has anyone here heard this song before and if so do you know when Britney recorded this? I just discovered this about a month ago on YouTube! I can’t believe Britney covered a Otis Redding song from 1965! Man she sounds so damn good on this song. I always say that Britney is at her best when she does R&B ... Jive/RCA has really held Britney back a lot over the yrs. Britney has been trying to make a R&B/Hip Hop influenced album every since Circus and every time she’s always shut down. If this song is anything to go by I don’t know why they never gave Britney 100% creative freedom on her albums ... I hope once Britney gets out of her conservatorship that she’s able to make the music that she truly wants too. Britney can do so much more than just Pop music she can do R&B, Blues, Hip Hop, EDM, Pop Rock etc yet her label love to keep her in that Pop box. I remember back in the day Jive wouldn’t let her do Tilt Ya Head Back with Nelly. She even recorded her vocals and everything and Nelly had to get Xtina at the last minute. Sorry for going a tangent guys. 😭 I just get a lil passionate over this particular topic. Has anyone heard I’ve been loving you too long? If so do you know what album sessions this is from too?
  5. That’s a good question? I would love to hear the original Britney Jean album (Not the one we got) and the songs that she did with Hit Boy!
  6. I’m here for it. S/N I hear her and Megan might be beefing bts.
  7. All the Brittards in here saying how it’s not a big deal etc. However if it’s not such a big deal why can’t y’all get any of Britney albums to top the iTunes chart? 🙄 Y'all couldn’t even get Glory to hit no.1 opening wk. 🤦🏽‍♂️
  8. Ohmg how I would love if this is true!! I been waiting on this since Circus tbh.
  9. I actually have a shower playlist and it's whatever Brit songs I'm feeling the most at that time.
  10. In a perfect world Danja, Bloodshy & Avant, Max Martin and Pharrell would be apart of B10! I remember Pharrell saying that he wanted to EP Britney Jean. Britney works really good with all those producers and they all are behind her biggest most iconic hits! I also wouldn't mind Dj Mustard either. I love Britney but the music isn't her problem. She has got to work on her performance skills, she's capable of so much more. She could also use a Drake or Cardi B feature too guarantee a Top 10 debut single & help launch the album as both are HUGE streaming forces.
  11. She Madge, G Eazy, Pharrell, Nicki, Fabolous and Lil' Kim all had great chemistry with Brit! Her and Eazy really had great chemistry even on stage! She needs a artist to give her a extra boost to get the GP back interested in her ... which they haven't been since 2013 Scream and Shout. Then after that when there is demand she can be solo. Britney really needs a SMASH and a reinvention more than ever right now!
  12. Hopefully before, I mean that would be the most logical thing to do! Also Brit needs a SMASH and it needs to feature a popular rapper (I know I know but Hip Hop/Rap is the most popular genre here in the U.S in 2018)someone like Drake or Cardi B that can bring something to the table and NOT no damn Tinashe either. I actually wouldn't mind Brit and G Eazy teaming up again because the chemistry was there and he has gotten better lyrically speaking too but I rather her do something she's never done before.
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