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  1. The song was titled Louder and it was produced by GoodWill & MGI (Kylie Minogue, Justin Bieber, 50 Cent & Pitbull). It leaked in 2012 as a Natalia Kills song by David Guetta, it was also attributed as a Britney Spears song at the time but it was deemed fake. The singer who demoed the song and he mentions in the video is Tami Chynn, sister of season five winner of The Voice Tessanne Chin. Previously Akon had submitted tracks for Blackout and Circus which were also scrapped
  2. I edited my post to add some more stuff you might find interesting @MissSpearsSaysSo @Slayer
  3. She stopped studying Kabbalah when Sean was born citing that "her baby was her religion" but she started again shortly after She was pictured with multiple different copies of The Zohar all the time from 2007 to 2008 especially after the conservatorship was put in place Also her neck tattoo of course And when she mentioned how much Kabbalah meant to her on her website back then She was also pictured several times (including when she shaved her head) wearing Star of David necklace which was allegedly given to her by Isaac Cohen She even used to listen to Matisyahu, a jewish rapper with numerous Kabbalah references
  4. Interestingly, someone tweeted this out like an hour ago and it doesn't seem far-fetched considering how she's always reading books about past trauma & abuse anyway
  5. "I go back and forth [with Kabbalah]" She's saying **** Lou Taylor lives, I'm skinny as a needle
  6. Now, what if she does remember everything but she just acts like she doesn't
  7. Funny how she decided to post on a weekend after people pointed it out
  8. You just have to imagine how good Britney's pu$$y is that made J.R. give her all these songs Plus Downtown, The Face, Who Can She Trust and the songs they worked on for Circus
  9. He sort of promised me he would share the Lights Out demo once he was able to go to his parents' and look on his old computer Let's just wait and see
  10. ...Or simply they had all three posts scheduled for today but the yellow top one was posted ahead of time I mean this isn't the first time it has happened
  11. Unrelated but was the original file you leaked really named Love 2 Love U? I've always wondered why you didn't use the original title
  12. This. Imagine what would happen if Jordan were to be held accountable by other people's post on the site directly targeting and harassing Britney's team and family. Not only he could get sued at any time but the site would be at risk yet again That is exactly what Trump's executive order on social media is all about and the reason why Jordan is so politically correct nowadays I seriously don't know how some people can be so out of touch with reality
  13. Why am I only seeing this now? This is exactly how the original version was meant to sound including the "it's just me against the music" line and the Penelope rap You honestly did an amazing job. Thank you so much for this
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