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  1. I was so innocent when I was a kid I though songs like Crazy, Lucky, Stronger, Slave, Overprotected were official number ones... I based my knowledge in MTV weekly top 10
  2. The gap between mm and sp were huge and the era was killed after mm music video fiasco
  3. I think she will record something really experimental... personal... dark...
  4. They should have ended the cship after circus era finished...the a huge break... then release femme fatale-Britney Jean (just if she was really ready) and then glory.
  5. Do something re release confirmed! F UuuuC k
  6. I’ve never callEd her lazy or made jokes of her but I said her passion was gone which is true and I remember a lot of stans wanted freedom for her but it was very lowkey and we didn’t have a lot of receipts and I believed they wanted protect her not milked her but we weren’t happy with the situation.
  7. Latinos and Spanish I post a video on my stories on insta in my stories it’s worth Watching and very very complete! Please share on your Instagram too!!! Talk about everything from Lou taylor - what she tried to do with lilo - to for the record and even colon spears restriction order against britney kid my insta is @jmunoztravel
  8. Well I feel this is getting crazy out of control... they need to explain what is going on... and Britney needs to speak too!
  9. Is she the same girl that make ru Paul contestants feel like garbage? She is awful
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