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  1. Tbh her team created this situation. Its not anyones fault If rn people dont know what to trust anymore. They have lied a lot in the past, Britney is still very controlled imo. Its pretty telling that her family can give interviews talking about her situation, but she cant. She has to speak thru her lawyer (that always seemed shady and only seemed to began working for her this year) or thru unsealed docs. I think If she had any freedom or more freedom, she would have said smt by now. The fact her videos on instagram answer questions no one asked but she cant even talk about her cship or FreeBritney like that tells me they are still trying to silence her. I doubt she has access to her instagram, Cassie would never post a video of her saying to boycott the brand, she was hired by Lou/team cship. Honestly I wont support anything anymore until shes free. If she can work, she shouldnt be under this cship. If she has serious issues, why isnt her team and dad focusing on that? Take her away from the spotlight, go hire the best doctors, therapists and so on. Why isnt the focus on her mental health If she needs the cship for life then? Her dad is always talking about money and complained she made him lose money - I mean, her money she cant even spend or control. I think for many people the boycott is about the message. If people continue buying the same way it was before, they will just think they dont even need Britney anymore, just keep releasing old music, remixes and vinyls until she ends up giving in. And I know about RCA and the contract shes under... But this is still weird. Did Britney even could sign the contract? Who knows If she wanted? She must be the only artist in the world signed with a major label under a cship meant for people with dementia. How is she under a cship for people that cant provide for themselves while shes signed with a label so she can work and earn money she cant even control? Theres so many people living off someone who is still deemed mentally unfit. Imo the ideal scenario would be Britney flopping so hard that Sam could use that against Jamie on court. To say Jamie is making her brand suffer, but sadly I know many people will buy anyway. For me it boils down to: or she can work or she needs a cship, so I wont support anything Britney related until shes free to live her life as she pleases.
  2. I think people are being ironic bc she refused to go but her team made her shoot that video to pretend she only didnt go bc she had an injury, and she read the letters. Then Jamie said on court docs she refused to go and made him lose 1m. So at this point, even If she records a video saying she is behind that, how do we know shes really saying the truth? Her team have lied time and time again to fit their narratives and its not like she hasnt been forced to do things against her will before (allegedly the facility stay, to work, to record the zone video, also the "all is well" video when she was in the facility...)
  3. Some fans downplay her like haters tbh. This year FreeBritney and her cship have been talked about in countless outlets and tv shows... Many big instagram pages posted about it, including bbc news. There was that viral instagram post, etc. She was even the most googled female artist in some days just bc of her Instagram posts. After 22 years, she was also the 2nd most popular celebrity costume this year, so shes def being really talked about it and remembered, many people are curious about her situation. If she wants to tell her story one day, she could do a really good deal with a book and a doc, itd probably do very well. Britney is one of the most famous people in the world and there are a lot of mysteries around her life, so I bet not only fans would watch her doc. Any smart business person would want to do a deal with her once shes free bc the success would be probably guaranteed.
  4. I was just watching this and they were already calling Britney queen of pop in 2000 when she was only 18 years old 0:05
  5. I read this is false, that these were people pretending to be them. But I read that Nick used to have a crush on her in her prime There were rumours about them in 2002 (Carson even mentioned to Justin and Justin looked annoyed) and 2007, in 2007 he was kinda of a **** saying he didnt need no baby mama drama when he denied the rumours.
  6. But isnt weird that its always the same amount even tho almost 13 years have passed? I fear that most of her money isnt on the trust too and the court wont know bc they dont have access to. Not that I trust the court anyway... U said it all: it seems like they keep looking ways to make more money off her. What a ******* nightmare Britneys life has turned to. For someone who follows her since the beginning, its quite sad to see what happened to her, that her family did this to her and they will try to continue doing until the end. Back then when I was a child I bought that her family was united, that Lynne was such a good mother and Jamie wasnt a parasite. I just keep hoping she wont give in when they promise her more "freedom", money, trips or smt like that.
  7. The tour manager role also seems to give him even more control over her career. I think she also looked happier during circus bc she was seeing the boys more and probably thought she would prove to be responsible, successful and get out of this mess, which it never happened. I really believe they promised her a lot so she would go along. I wonder when she wrote that letter: 2008 or 2009? I bet she gets annoyed with him meddling in everything. Not only shes a 38 years old woman, who has worked since she was a child and is independent financially since she was 16, she also never got along with him. Britney, Lynne, her lawyer and even Jamie talked about this. I think many times before the cship she put up with his bs just bc she felt she had to bc he is her "father". Did u read the restauranter's story? Imagine how many times Jamie did **** like that even before the cship. I wish more people will come out talking about how he always made her life a mess. Remember that scene in FTR when she gets visibly annoyed bc hes talking what she should do with Womanizer? I bet she thinks he doesnt know jack**** but acts like he does. It must be so frustrating for her. They have stole a everything from her. If she ever gets free someday, I hope shes smart enough to put a restraining order against his ***. What do u think about MM? Do u think she was pushed to do it?
  8. Its weird that only less than 60m is tied to the cship. It seems like they want people and media believe she only has that. I wonder why. That video that surprise witness did about the whole thing was really eye opening, everything seems so sus. So weird that after the public pressure, both Lou and JL stepped back and the Stonebridge's CEO or smt seems to be doing his best to erase any connection to Lou on the internet.
  9. I read that JL stepped in in 2018. Jamie must be such a nightmare that even tho her dad is a ****head, she seemed more happy when he was around too. Rn I wonder if they are still close. I was seeing a 1999 interview and Bryan didnt sound the insensitive ******* he sounded on the podcast. Power must have changed him a lot. So being a tour manager makes them way more rich than the conservator role. Britney wasnt lying when she said she gave her dad the best job in the business. Its quite sad that they only see money and power no matter if they are destroying Britneys life and best years.
  10. Oh thats right I keep forgetting about this song bc it was a b side on Sometimes, a song that I never liked
  11. U forgot dont go knockin on my door, stronger, where are u now and satisfaction cover (Jagger approved) too
  12. Do u know which year Bryan stepped back? Is the assumption that he replaced Jamie as a conservator in 2015 confirmed? I know he was seen with her a lot, but he also said on his interview that he worked in Vegas so he lived with Britney during that time. This could explain why he was always with her, no? Of course that with him being around Britney bc of his work, Jamie wouldnt have to "worry" about Britney that much anyway. But do u think that when those magazines used to talk about her money before the cship, it was actually her state?
  13. What about before the cship? For example, when she did the Elle cover in late 2005 and they talked about her having over 123 millions... Do you think that money was in her trust or not? Tbh its hard to believe in anything her team and father have control over. Theres that sus thing that happened with Stonebridge having 600m out of the blue. I wouldnt be surprised If theres not much money left on the trust too.
  14. But she never lived like a Kardashian. She did an interview for Elle magazine in late 2005 and they said she had over 123 millions then... And then 2 years later she only has 40 millions? I know she wasnt working a lot, but how would she blow more than 2/3 of her money in just 2 years? She wasnt partying in Ibiza, buying Lamborghinis, so many luxury goods, mansions everywhere and so on. 13 years have passed and even tho she worked a lot and was very successful, her state is still under 60 millions. Britney is the one a list big celeb that lives in a mansion that worths less than 10 millions. She isnt buying new expensive cars every month like Kylie Jenner. Her glam squad was cheap af, she is always wearing the same cheap clothes. She lives with an allowance. It doesnt make any sense and many articles have talked about how she has so "little", considering she has been successful and worked quite a lot in the past 22 years. I dont believe these 2007/2008 rumours that would help Jamie some way or another tbh. And sadly I still think Sam isnt really on her side, hes only trying to save his *** and career.
  15. How could she blow so much money just like that? She did an interview with people magazine in late 2002 and people magazine talked about how she had over 100 millions, she even commented "I know, Im freaking rich". 3 years later she did an interview for Elle magazine and they said it was reported she had at least over 123 millions. Then 2 years later she only had less than 1/3 of that money? I know she wasnt working a lot and there was leeches like Kevin, but still. She wasnt going to fancy restaurants, travelling to Europe every week, buying Lamborghinis and luxury goods. Theres also smt very odd about Jamie bragging about her state being 60 millions. It has been like that for a decade now! She earned 64 and 58 millions in 2009 and 2011 alone. Britney lives with an allowance, she wears the same shorts all the time, her glam team was cheap, she is like the only a list big celeb that lives in a mansion that is worth less than 10 millions. Its not like she buys new and different cara every year too. Where is her money? Many financial sites have talked about that bc its really weird that someone like Britney that is under a cship for almost 13 years, is very successful since she was 16 years old and has worked a lot since then, only has 60 millions forever? It doesnt make any sense.
  16. She made 39.2 millions in 2001 alone and thats why she was named the most powerful celeb in the world by Forbes in mid 2002. In late 2002, she had already over 100 million dollars. Smt doesnt add up. The only good thing her team did was the circus era tbh. She still made 58 millions in 2011, but the whole FF era was a mess and made her lose a lot of fans and flop in 2013, and they are the ones to blame bc they probably forced her to work while she seemed to be medicated. I also dont need to talk about the whole GMA thing that also made a lot of fans to be pissed off and leave Barmy. They tarnished her legacy a lot. Why doesnt Britneys lawyer question the fact that 12 years later Britneys estate has still the same amount of money? She earned 64 million in 2009 alone. How is the fact that hes throwing 500k to a woman while Britney doesnt work good for her estate? What about the 300k Lou used to sue fans? Tbh it still seems Sam isnt fighting enough, maybe to cover his own *** too, who knows.
  17. Id love If they did smt like Your Body together, but only when Britney is free. I wish they could hang out too, Christina seems to be in such a good place in her life rn, I think shed be a positive influence.
  18. This should have happened 20 years ago (Im still surprised Jive never pushed for this back in the day tho bc itd have been huge) But now? Anyway...
  19. These ******* idiots just repeat what others say without even thinking first. Its like they cant just move on from 2007 no matter how successful she has been since then. They dont even know the whole story about that day. That she tripped and her baby almost fell bc paparazzi were all over her, not respecting her in any way. That she was only 24 years old and media wanted to call her a bad mother for everything! That she was crying bc she was harassed to the point her baby almost fell. She must have felt horrible and even tho the page did the post to defend her, 14 years later people are still trying to use anything against her. This is so tiring!
  20. I didnt read them. R people defending the cship or saying shes crazy? I saw some of the instagram comments being really positive.
  21. Then we see her dad bragging about doing good things for her career they have been ******* Britneys legacy over and over again since 2011 and 2013 was a ******* mess in everything. I cant believe they lied like this to fans and bc we didnt know better at the time, we bought it.
  22. Tbh I remember being excited hearing about the album being personal and I think Larry even compared to Ray Of Light? I was very disappointed when I heard it for the first time bc it didnt feel personal at all. Then it felt very short too. The album sounded basic and whatever, I was never a fan, and that was before I heard about the whole Myah mess. Same goes to PG that I thought to be trash the minute I heard for the first time. I like FF tho, so I dont care about other peoples opinions. And even tho I think Glory is a good album, I just dont think its up there with ITZ and Blackout. It was still a good effort and upgrade from BJ mess tho.
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