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  1. I used to think that, but she barely sees them now. In 4 years they will be both 18, maybe in college, dating and such. I keep hoping she isnt in this mess till there Britney had everything she could have asked for in her professional life, yet her personal life has been a mess in the past 14 years. What did she do to deserve so much **** for so long. I just wish someday she will finally be happy, free and away from these abusers. She deserves peace of mind so much!!!
  2. Yes, I think she had that cameo on one of the episodes or smt
  3. Look at her charisma, star power and talent, Juno Lou can only dream
  4. What this ****face and her horrible family is doing to her is just nasty. Forget about her money for a sec, but hes stealing her best years. Whats his plan? To drag this until shes 50 so she cant have another family and more kids? Bc she doesnt want to work when she has her kids or bc it costs a lot? Juno Lou can have her kids, but not Britney. She cant get out and date like a normal person too. She cant go to a club and just meet people and have her friends whenever she feels like. Shes only 38 but lives isolated like shes in a ******* nursing home. She cant get out alone or do what she wants. She only has freedom to work. When its about Britney making them more money, we never saw her dad fighting "no Britney, u need to take care of urself, u cant speak for urself, u need to rest and get out of the spotlight". A couple months after the whole 5150 hold mess they were already pushing her to the spotlight. "Its good for her to keep busy" yeah, right, its good for ur pockets, I bet. Man what is this ****ery? Britney has been under this **** for almost 13 years now, shes only good to work and thats it. She just wants her dad out, a man who has an abusive past, who doesnt know **** about finances and never got along with her. Why is that ******* judge still giving him the time of day? She must be really on his side, its the only explanation. Her dad went behind her back to put her in this living hell, so now that she wants him out, she has to pay for his lawyers so he continues fighting against her? How is this fair? Britney has to pay Kevins lawyers and Jamies lawyers so they can have their ways? Whats left for Britney? No one in her family is on her side. Juno Lou whorships Lou, is daddys little girl and is obvious shes jealous of Britney, Bryan belittles her, Lynne is too busy being a glorified nanny to Junos kids. She has no friends, she sees her kids every two weeks, her "bf" is a narcissistic attention *****. She must be really strong tbh, good for her bc man I just keep thinking how lonely and isolated she must be. Jamie is a ******* disgrace. When he didnt want Britney to have more lawyers, he was "thinking" only about her money and how much itd cost her. As soon as she got her way (the first time in almost 13 ******* years), he isnt worried about overspending her money anymore, bc now its for him to fight her. **** this judge, someone with good intentions would see right thru his **** and help Britney somehow to get rid of that nasty looking *******.
  5. Sadly there would be still a Britney brand, smt that he would continue to get money from it. He'll never let her go bc he really thinks the Britney brand is a family business and hes the man of the house. He controls her career, he will continue to do whatever with her name to get more money with it.
  6. No shade to this woman I never heard about before, but if Britney was interested in a role, even if this woman could do the role, she wouldnt get anyway lol Britney was the biggest star they had on the show, I bet they would do anything to have her on the show bc it would gave them more exposure, which it did.
  7. I read the article and tbh in 2004 she was already burned out from all the overwork, so who knows why she cancelled. And the other time I think it was in 2009 and she was already under a cship. That was probably her teams fault forcing her to go and being back and forth with the clubs owner about her going. They should have told the owner she wouldnt be going on stage anymore. That was probably the same thing that happened with the zone. Jamie promised Britney was going before she even said she would. So when her team saw she wasnt going to the stage, they should have let him know beforehand. Her team has been a mess during the cship dealing with people and trying to force Britney to do things. They also put people thru hell bc they are so ****ty to deal with. They were called out by a journalist before and Carson Daly that didnt have any problem with her before the cship, said hed never interview her again bc of her team. This guy must know about FreeBritney so maybe he should take his head out of his *** and see she has been really controlled since 2008, so the whole thing was probably not her fault. Its not like Britney cares or even knows about this, but what he said seems really unfair as if shes a big messy diva.
  8. Idk how much Lynne got in the past, but for the last months, it seems she gets at least 2k a month from the cship. I dont know about Serenity (maybe @PokemonSpears knows about this tho?) but if the 90k wasnt for her house and she knows about it (she has lawyers now looking financial stuff too) and didnt do anything and didnt report to the court, is bc she is ok with the scheme. Either way it doesnt look good for Lynne. I mean, if she knows Jamie is using her house as an exuse to funnel money away and isnt doing smt about, its bc she is complicit to Jamies **** too. She still follows Lou on instagram, so I bet she doesnt seem Lou the same way as we do. I bet Lynne has a lot of money somewhere from all these years Britney is under a cship that she was always by Jamies side. She also must have money from before the cship bc we all know Britney gave them a lot.
  9. The same way Womanizer, HIAM and S&M got to number one: her star power was still enourmous and her team still kinda knew what they were doing. Also 3 just came right after her circus era that was huge. Britney was still everywhere.
  10. Unpopular opinion but I love this video! I think she looks gorgeous on it, I love the outfits too. Too bad they cut the part where she wears a white leotard and red lipstick from the official release.
  11. Lol at these two together I remember a story from 2003 where they were at the same party and both kept the biggest distance from each other that they could do
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