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  1. Y’all out here dragging the remix but for the past 12 hours I’ve been like
  2. Those are actually done with a mic during a dress rehearsal, not in a studio
  3. Someone remake the remix pls or remaster it (or leak it @JackSProductions)
  4. I LOVE the remix. Can’t believe we finally have a full remix! Hopefully they can give us Slave 4 U next the choreo was interesting. I personally love the POM Gimme More choreo the most. I just think that one was so fun @INSIDERS PLS LEAK MY PREROGATIVE
  5. I was gonna say this topic is posted about at least like once a month lmfao But these filters are really good! I don’t think I’ve ever heard womanizer or ILRNR or Slave that clear. Her tone was sooooo good for this performance. It would be amazing if she re recorded her hits one day
  6. I can’t wait for billy to leak I Feel So Free With You on live television
  7. Omg he’s one of my fave YouTubers! I liked his exposé on Shane Dawson and Jeffree I can’t wait to watch this video
  8. I remember finding it odd there was no acceptance speech for the BBMAs that year. I don’t think she spoke to anyone that year, if I’m not mistaken. It’s truly bizarre considering she won the award but didn’t say anything and left right after her performance
  9. THANK YOU!!!! something about Glory/Domination screamed Britney trying to take control of her career but she wasn’t allowed to. We obviously know what happened with Glory but Domination was different. I know some fans say the aesthetics, name, everything about Domination was “off brand” but I never thought that. It felt very “Britney” to me. But “Britney” in the sense that Britney herself came up with it, not the “Britney” that her team usually markets to us. I just couldn’t ever figure what went wrong with the Domination era. Everything about it felt “rogue”. Like the weird advertisements to even the advertisements for Prerogative like @PokemonSpearssaid. It felt like her team abandoned her when it came to the marketing and she was doing **** herself. Instead of promo pics and trailers for the residency we got cell phone videos of rehearsals. Instead of more commercials (like the official one we got) we got Britney standing in front of her Christmas tree saying “I’m so excited for Domination!” I think you hit the nail on the head about Britney being pissed about the contract and her not signing it and it not being in her company. I never thought of that
  10. I was always under the impression Britney was excited for this show. I never understood the people who said she wasn’t. Another show = opportunity to be human, to be around other people. That fact aside insiders were saying her handlers really let Britney take creative control of this show (hence the hip hop direction and rumors Britney handpicked out My Prerogative and Overprotected). She didn’t get her vision with Glory, but she seemed to be going full steam with getting her way for Domination. That fact alone is why I think Jamie was so trigger happy with the show: he always takes away stuff she’s excited to do For those asking about the supposed rehearsal video for the announcement, its on YouTube (too lazy to dig it up). It indeed shows a stand in but she does the same thing Britney does: rise from the stage, walk down the stairs, hold the guys’ hands, and walks away. There’s no dancers present. The footage was taken during the daytime by a fan and they watched the run through with the stand in. The announcement megamix was playing and people assumed Britney was meant to be performing during that (obviously the projection show wasn’t going on since it was during the day, just the audio). I specifically remember people talking about the Slave 4 U remix and everyone was like yaaaas Britney is gonna slay this tonight. But there was no one performing, just the audio playing
  11. I was always under the impression Britney didn’t speak that night because there were mic problems. Mario Lopez kept getting cut out and the audio had a slight delay. I figured they thought they should just try to get Britney on and off stage as quickly as possible to avoid doing an interview that would be plagued with mic problems. I guess not? Maybe she was threatening to say her show was inspired by freedom, ruptured colons, and lining other’s pockets
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