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  1. Yes, we are all dealing with conservatorships and fighting our own father in court.
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  3. Breaking news: Britney's loathed business manager, Lou Taylor, has officially resigned. Britney's father, Mr. Spears, attempted to hire a new business manager without giving Britney notice, according to new court docs via Britney Hiatus, but Britney's lawyer/legal advocate, Sam Ingham, rejected this. He is requesting the independent trust firm, Bessemer Trust, handle her business dealings moving forward. The court docs state: TRISTAR SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT GROUP has resigned as Britney's business manager without prior notice to Britney. It goes on to say: "Tristar cannot wait to effectuate this change until the process of putting Bessemer in place as co-conservator is complete..." Mr. Spears tried hiring a man named Michael Kane to serve as Britney's new business manager. Britney was not made aware or asked about this. "There was no opportunity either for Mr. Kane to be interviewed or for alternatives to be considered. There is no indication as to any of the terms of his engagement by James, including his compensation." This is huge.
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  4. Britney doesn't have a history of appearing in music videos by D-List stars and it's best she keep it that way.
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  7. It's exciting to listen something new by Britney, of course. And I got all the hype from the snipped but I'm not going to support it. The whole release and timing is disgusting and I'm not going to buy it. #FREEBRITNEY and then, I'll give my money and streams to the brand again.
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  9. OMG!! Hopefully she’ll soon be chillin’ in jail ft. Jamie Spears
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  10. Imagine allowing this to happen to your probably only stan. Also Jamie Lynn's reply is like "Thanks for the money ho, bye"
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  11. What the actual ****? He was complaining when she decided to add Loeb&Loeb on her legal team because they were expensive and now he's going to pay for even more lawyers for him? I can't with this man How likely is it that the judge will approve this nonsense though?
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  12. She is promoting Toxic since Britney isn’t for coins Lynne double agent confirmed!
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  13. So this makes this her longest era ever? 2016-2020?
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  14. Whatever it takes to make you feel okay with participation of her enslavement I guess
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  15. The real question here is... wheres Apple Pie? 🍎 🍎
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  16. Whoever the guy was that leaked that info to britneysgram last year that kicked off all of this, I wanna kiss his feet. The one who pulled the strings from the start is finally gone. Now please dig out those financial receipts before she flees the country.
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  17. Britney Spears has welcomed public scrutiny of the legal arrangement that has controlled various aspects her life and finances for more than a decade. A court-appointed guardian has been in charge of her affairs since her public breakdown in 2008. Her father Jamie has filled the role for most of that time. Now, the star is trying to remove him from power, and has argued the public has a right to know what is happening. Billy B, whose real name is Billy Brasfield, joined the #FreeBritney movement on Tuesday and since then, he's dedicated most of his Instagram feed to posting pictures of Britney and comments he's made about her situation. On Tuesday, a photo of messages between the famed makeup artist and the Queen of pop (allegedly) has misteriusly leaked. Update 1 Update 2 not Lou Taylor (allegedly) Instagram messages with Taykir Swift (allegedly) leak as well (allegedly)
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  18. She’s happy because she’s winning her court battle and Jamie is floundering
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  19. He's truly disgusting. So Britney couldnt hire more lawyers (and pay them with her own money) because that was expensive and now he wants to hire more and pay them WITH HER MONEY?! What the actual ****?!?! He needs to die already. It's the only way this will stop. Poor Britney...
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  20. That makes me sad, she doesn’t want to work until her father is out. I hope they can get rid of him as soon as possible.
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  21. hes a fkn trashbag, what bothers me the most is not the fact that he just trashed britney but that he literally told her to kill herself during the most difficult period of her life, this man has no courage or balls, he just started hitting a woman "on the ground". Britney was an easy target. Still can't believe Team B paid him to be in that Circus Tour interlude (with her money)... Not to mention the fact that Britney is not the only one he has bullied, he has a habit of bringing down women who are already in trouble, remember Xtina during Bionic era. He's a coward.
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  22. Seems like a waste of funds to me. Britney just needs to point, shoot, and put some emojis. Why does that require an extra bum on an airplane and an extra mouth to feed?
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  23. She did absolutely nothing groundbreaking this or last year while other artists were busting their ***** off just so Beyonce could once again use money and connections to steal the Grammys. I have never in my life seen mediocrity celebrated to such extent...
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  24. Her response to the fan. She should be trying to keep the few fans she has.
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  26. I mean, they played themselves the moment they paid $150 for juno
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  27. I’m actually thinking that Bessemer becoming co-conservator might’ve been enough for her to want to work again while the courts sort things out. I think that she’s actually in a better place now and maybe even has regained some of her power back.
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  28. Man will he ever leave her the ******* alone? This isnt normal. Also who the **** does he think he is? He talks like he has such a lifelong experience managing millions. He only has with Britneys money bc he put her under a cship behind her back. What about his past before the cship? Where he had a 30k debt when she did the MMC and he failed every business he tried? Its so ironic that Britney is the only one in that horrible family who cant move on from her mistakes, she has to pay for life with her own life! Her family all screwed up in the past, but it doesnt matter bc rn they are "thriving" with Britneys money. Give me a ******* break!!!
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  29. Britney did it she had no one to back her for like a decade she fought through and won her battles
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  30. I know some of you have your reservations about supporting a single when Britney herself is refusing to perform or do any career work until her father is not involved in her finances, but there are a few points I believe we should consider: Previously Unreleased. This is not a newly written or recorded song, which means all production costs have already been expended. She’s already foot the bill for the song, there’s no harm in releasing. Bessemer Trust. They’ve been newly appointed as co-conservators so we should be optimistic that they will properly handle Britney’s finances and treat her fairly in this situation. When songs are released, typically the label is first to be paid and then they give artists their percentage. My thought process is that because this is how it’s always been, by supporting the song the label sees that Britney the artist is still being supported. (This applies to her music in general; maybe moreso than with “SITS” since it’s partnered with Urban Outfitters) and then when Britney is compensated, we continue to hope that Bessemer handles her finances in accordance. No need to promote. Britney can continue to not take on work projects and still receive support. We are her fans. We are the Britney Army. I understand not wanting to “feed the machine” that you feel is taking advantage of her, but you can support her music and fight for justice at the same time. Use this as a way to raise awareness while we trust the process that is going on now. She’s getting more and more victories in court. Ok I ranted quite a bit. This is all in my opinion and my interpretation of things. We can discuss EDIT: the simplest thing I’m trying to say in addition to that long drawn out post is that I think with Bessemer coming into this, it seems like Jamie is actually (although maybe slowly) getting removed from his position Related:
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  31. Imagine being so awful at your job. But yet still get a free trip to Hawaii .
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  33. Team Britney is going to make very little money from this. This is RCA making sure Britney’s music remains in the public eye now that #FreeBritney has drummed up interest in her again. Everyone knows artists make almost all of their money from touring and merch, thus the three world tours and Vegas residency since the c-ship started. I for one am going to support Britney the artist by buying this song when it comes out, and then support Britney the person by continuing to share petitions and information. Now stop telling others what to do.
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  34. Go Ingham, drag that *****. I’ve been waiting for this since the #FreeBritney movement started Edit: The fact that Lou is using Britney’s money to sue a Britney fan that accuses her of using Britney’s money though.
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  35. Guys this really does prove that GOOD will always trump EVIL! It may take time, but you just have to never give up with it. Good energy and good vibes will over-all in the end. This is a lesson for all of us. And this lesson can be taken into any walk of life. It will ALWAYS work out... IN THE END, EVEN IF THAT IS 12 YEARS LATER. SO if you are ever scared, if you are ever worried about anything, emit those beautiful positive feelings and it WILL work out! GOD BLESS US ALL! :I know this is easier said than done, and the situation isn't fully resolved yet BUT LOOK AT THE PROGRESS!
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  37. let's not forget that once the cship is over, Britney is gonna need some time to gain her own independence and confidence back. she was medicated and isolated for many years.
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  38. Poor excuse for a mother. She’s saving face now that this “family secret” has been exposed. Lynne Spears deserves no praise from anyone. For the last decade she happily spent the money Jamie and co gave to her, monthly, at Britney’s expense.
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  39. WHY is she leaving so easy?? what is she trying to cover? OMG? I can't believe she's gone
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  40. It still baffles me that Jamie managed to get away with saying that Britney had dementia and that he will never be held accountable for it
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  41. the fact that he was rewarded by participating on the Circus tour
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