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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, we interrupt our program of dance music, to bring you a special bulletin from the intercontinental radio news. The CEO of Tri-Star Sports and Entertainment Group, Lou Taylor®️, has a special announcement she'd like to make.
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  2. All I’m praying is that Someday (I Will Understand).
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  3. I recently caught up with Lisa and here’s what she had to say regarding the conservatorship. Me: Regarding the Britney case what legalities do you feel have been broken? Lisa: There is no question that Miss Spears constitutional rights were violated in February 2008. She absolutely was entitled to be represented by an attorney of her own choice. 100%. She was absolutely entitled to be served with the paperwork that was filed to conserve her. She was absolutely entitled to a fair and impartial judge. she was entitled to cross examine the witnesses that will testify against her having her freedom and property. As we all know now, none of this transpired. I think the calls for a congressional hearing is very important and relevant. I think that pressuring the court to subject itself to an investigation is key. Judge Brenda Penny does not have the strength nor legal chops to take action on her own. Me: Now legally speaking do you think there’s enough evidence to prove the corruption or is this about other things?Also if that’s the case then why do you feel no one has petitioned to end the conservatorship? Is it a legal tactic and based on timing? Lisa: Journalist and now several members Of congress - including AOC - are about to get the proof of the incompetence, cronyism and misogyny that is going on. I spent hundreds of dollars making copies and sending overnight priority mail to the AG Merrick Garland and many others. I have submitted a complaint to the State Bar, an agency under pressure to fix itself. I am planning to go as far as I humanly can to let the world know that truly epically ****ed up this was from Day #1. What they can do: call their members of Congress if they live in the USA , call or write to Merrick Garland if they are outside the US. Let them know the world is watching and it’s not looking too good. Me: My final question for fans is when do you think this chapter will end? Vivian said in her experience that she hasn’t seen a single conservatorship lifted and I do wonder why. Is it possible in the near future in your opinion? Lisa: I predict it ends before summer - the media will continue to pressure politicians...there are advocates for probate court reform in every state and I have been emailing and texting them to support the movement. The BBC will be releasing another documentary. I have been interviewed for NPR...that should be coming out soon. Lots more to come. Wednesday will be huge. I am already being asked for an interview by overseas media. I promise, I am doing all I can to end this stupid unethical **** show of a conservatorship. And the thing about me - I am armed with the truth and the California probate code. I hope this gives you guys hope yourselves for anyone who feels uncertain about this situation.
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  5. Sure, we will believe the biggest Anti-Britney site in history, not thanks
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  6. So now everyone is going to believe Billy on this point after dragging him all this time.
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  7. THAT DOCUMENTARY DID NOTHING BUT PROJECT POSITIVITY ON HER Since that has aired she has the world rallying with her and behind her. If she wont speak WITH HER VOICE and not captions people will continue to speak for her with the evidence they are provided.
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  8. I always say Britney posts but this screams bull**** - the documentary did nothing but paint her positively!
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  9. It makes me happy knowing it pained her to repost that tragic photo
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  10. Interesting how the lawyers fees get leaked and now all the sudden Britney hates the documentary 🙄
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  11. not Britney picking the worst photo of Jamie Lynn I’m cracking up
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  12. Queen of healing the nation and forming a true bipartisan country
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  13. I'm just so tired of hearing about Britney's opinion, Britney's feelings, Britney's life, Britney's decisions, Britney's wants and Britney's prerogatives from EVERYONE else but Britney herself. I have really bad feeling about this new propaganda wave about how her dad is the only problem in Britney's life. The conservatorship WILL be problem as long as she is in it. It doesn't matter who's in charge because in the end of the day, someone will always find the way to benefit from it, just because they can. #FREEBRITNEY, and end conservatorship. It has done no good and it will never do any good to Britney.
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  14. not alone, not alone, not alone and people still doubt how personal Britney Jean is
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  15. The brand, the brand, the brand, it’s always about that brand, dude has completely forgotten all about his daughter!!
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  16. Queen of waiting for Exhale to be back online to post something on her social media
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  17. These bops are finally available in HQ. Sugarfall has a slightly different arrangement. Pull Out finally getting the HQ justice it deserves I’ve never cared for rockstar but it’s there lmao Maybe a HQ Kiss You All Over can leak next? thanks to whoever leaked these!!!
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  18. So we've been saying for months / years that Britney doesn't manage her Instagram and one post about the "Framing Britney Spears" doc and it divides the fanbase and creates so much chaos. And now, Billy B says something and some of us believe him straight away after dragging him. I officially declare this fanbase as a hot mess
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  19. I think she meant that she didn't watch the whole thing. Or maybe she just saw new reports which showed clips of it. Perhaps she doesn't want people to see her as a victim. In For The Record, she said that she doesn't want pity. She probably wants people to view her as stronger than that.
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  20. Now is there a video? I'm struggling to see why she wouldn't just say this in an instagram post and why she'd go to TMZ who are on Jamie's payroll?
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  21. Maybe she's on her period... #red
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  22. We are the same fans that have given thousands of dollars towards the Britney brand that the blood sucking lawyers and vultures around her are just profiting off of. It’s not preserving the Britney brand by pissing the fans off. I will personally continue boycotting the Britney brand until Britney the person has freedom.
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  23. She is SHADY for using that pic of JL. While using gorgeous flattering pics of everyone else 🤣🤣🤣 I LIVE
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  24. I see they're scared of Jason Alexander's return to the Capitol.
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  25. Wow what an interesting caption I hope Britney sings a lot more 🙏🤍
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  26. Judge Penny will say three words about it, Vivian Thoreen will dispute everything using Britney's daddy love as the reason, and then Judge Penny will delay the hearing to be continued on June
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  28. She made history in music and pop culture. Now she's going to make history in politics and the legal system. I Stan a true queen. #FreeTheQueen
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  29. I just love hearing her say the names of her old stuff. She’s so cute.
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  30. It's weird to think of Britney watching back her old performances
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  31. that bitter dried up grandma she can threaten with as many sues as she wants, won't change the fact that she's a lunatic who happens to be a thief as well at the end of the day, she's trying to shut down freedom of speech, and in the Western world, this won't be possible. Stop stealing someone else's money you greedy dried up ***, and then you won't get called out for what you are next time. Trash.
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  32. Well just in case she does; Britney we LOVE you! Stay strong ❤️
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  33. I am wondering how much Vivian and Jamie charged Britney's estate for this paid article
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  34. That is absolutely bizarre. The thought of someone her age dancing in a club in Texas durning a pandemic is the craziest thing I've seen in awhile haha.
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  35. She's rediscovering her voice both literally and metaphorically. We're ready to listen to you Queen!
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  36. Please stop with the bullsheat of Sam forced her to say this and that. Not everything is a conspiracy. Jesus.. Let's try to not exaggerate. And the video is from today. She looks beautiful
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  37. Literally just saw this on Twitter and I ran here she seems relaxed and perfectly normal. queen of getting vaccinated.
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  38. HER BRAND!?!? Dude. If anything the general public respect her a little bit now! Remember We're Sorry Britney? People care about her and her happiness and all this old alcoholic hill billy cares about is keeping the business going. He is delusional. Sick, sick mother****er
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  39. Britney, her son Jayden and boyfriend Sam Asghari sipped on Starbucks before making their way into a restaurant on Tuesday, a day before Britney's conservatorship hearing. In the video Britney and Jayden are quickly taking photos with the Easter Bunny! Cute! Source: Page Six
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  40. Please do not contact this man. Please do not contact this man. Please do not contact this man. Please do not contact this man.
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