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Lance Bass's husband is throwing Britney under the bus

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... at this very moment on twitter: https://twitter.com/MichaelTurchin/with_replies

He was talking about her "mental breakdown" and that the conservationship was needed.

He claimed she was so ill that she couldn't even remember her best friend (Lance) and her family members.
Lance is close to Jamie Lynn - obviously.

Britney has changed, she's so different now, but at least she's better.
And of course we, fans know absolutely nothing.


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Lance would do anything for publicity I wish he and his boyfriend would stfu I would love to see if anyone else was under the restrictions she was. So many people have let her down it’s so sad

People forget how quickly Britney went back to work. You can’t justify what happened in 2007 for a 12 year c-ship. Stop gas lighting the situation. Did she need an intervention yes. But turning it int

Hmmm so if .  IF what he's saying is true and Britney cant remember her best friend , her family and cannot put clothes on and sits in a corner and laughs at the wall for 2 days straight , then why wa

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"Jls has nothing to do with any of the conservatorship! Even those news reports are wrong. Again u don’t actually know and yes she does in fact love her sister more than anything. U think Britney likes u speaking about her sister negatively???? Like really???"

"No I said lance wouldn’t know the names of ppl Bc he’s not good with names and bc he doesn’t wake up worrying about this everyday. He has his own life and career to work for everyday with no help or handouts from anyone else. He’s been through the same situation himself." (He meant the Lou Pearlman case.)

"No but it does. Damn I was with Britney on her birthday just two years ago. We spoke just the three of us by ourselves for an hour. You don’t know anything. Yes she’s struggling and yes her dad shouldn’t be in charge which is what she said to the court and the court reacted."

"He said the court system Wouldn’t let them abuse her if she spoke out that she was being abused. Britney NEVER spoke out To the courts until this past month. And when she didn’t the court took what she said and are removing her father as conservator—aka the court system helped"

"Well that’s how she acted with him. There was a point where he’d go over her house and she wouldn’t even know who he was at the front door. Her mind wasn’t what is was and he was so concerned for her as her best friend. That’s real life right there and not just a headline. So when yall attack him just know he experienced things with her and saw her when she wasn’t truly in a good healthy mental space. Quite the opposite. Im know she’s progressed so much since then and when we saw her 2 yrs ago she was great. But there’s history behind his comments."

"Bc he was best friends with her when she went through a mental breakdown and she didn’t even know who he was standing in front of her. That’s real life. He was there to experience way more than that so when he speaks about her Mental health he’s speaking from his perspective. And yes, the way she acts on social media is different than how she used to act before she went through her own issues and so to him she is in fact behaving differently. He also said she seems happy at least and that maybe just how she is now at this point in life."

"If ur best friend who u lived next door to all of a sudden didn’t know who u were and behaved like a completely different human being I’m sure you’d be concerned too. Granted this was back in 2008 but at the time she really did in fact need help. U want him to lie?"

"Yes there are many reasons that caused it but that’s not my business to state and yes her mental state was a actual factor. To suggest he didn’t experience her going through blatant mental issues in 2008 is just wrong. No should she still be controlled to such an extent? Probably not, no—but to say the whole thing was baseless from the beginning is just not true especially to those who know her. So many of her friends were so scared back them by her behavior and luckily she’s moved passed that"

"But it’s a fact that she wasn’t in her right mind. Whether that be for other mental illnesses or drug use or whatever it may be. The fact remains she wasn’t able to fully function back then and I’m sure there were many factors that led to that."

"U don’t just forget who your best friends are one day and continue to behave that way for MONTHS if there’s Not an underlying issue. The court wouldn’t have made a conservatorship and taken primary custody away from her for no reason. It’s lasted way too long but not initially. So your saying lance and a number of other celebrities who knew Britney well are all lying that she had a complete mental break?? Why would lance ever make that up to hurt his friend?? I mean come on. I’m not saying she’s till like that and neither is lance. U think she was in her right mind when she let a sleepy paparazzo move into her home and control her every move Back then?? That wasn’t normal and she was in need of help then. Lance saw this all first hand and saw how her mind was quickly devolving then. Again—I never said she had dementia. She behaved like she had dementia but obviously it wasn’t. But she WASNT in her right mind. You’re allowed to acknowledge she had issues back then and still support her today? Ignoring her past and pretending it never happened isn’t helpful."

"Again u don’t know who he’s talking about and if u did u would actually totally support this person. It’s not a family member or a person even involved in the conservatorship but a person who’s been a second mother to hair her whole life.... And if this person was truly worried about Britney they would have told lance and other immediately. Again, ur just assuming things with no actual real information. Lance doesn’t speak to her family apart form jls. Period. And jls has nothing to do w the conservatisrhip."

"No he didn’t. That’s just stupid. And she didn’t remember him when she was having a breakdown. She didn’t know who her own family members were. But sure just pretend that never happened. Whatever y’all just wanna hear what u wanna hear and ignore the pat. That’s fine. Bye."

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1 hour ago, crystaldaly said:

"If ur best friend who u lived next door to all of a sudden didn’t know who u were and behaved like a completely different human being I’m sure you’d be concerned too. Granted this was back in 2008 but at the time she really did in fact need help. U want him to lie?"

If this is true (and something tells me it is) I am not suprised. These rumours that the she had DID where long time going on. :ineedthetruth_oprah_huh_um_thinking_confused_what_truth_stare:

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This is very easy:
If he sees that her friend is in bad shape to the point that she does not even recognize you, you worry about her and try to help her as much as you can, and if you are her neighbor and you see that a person is taking advantage of her, you report it to the Police station.
Lance and Britney were good friends and still had a good relationship at the time, but they weren't best friends and if so, Lance hasn't shown it.
If she is so ill, what is she doing working? I don't understand it and she is not far from public life and in 2008 she was not admitted to a good medical center and they handled the matter in private.
The breakdown does not justify the conservatorship, only the lack of professionalism and the lack of affection, care, and respect that her family and team had for her is noted.

I'm so afraid that conservatorship is justified ... it seems so serious to me. She was in a ******* depression and was harassed by the press and society with the pressure of divorce and without zero emotional and judicial support.

And in case people forget Britney was taking medications without a prescription and that she didn't need and maybe that's the side effect of not remembering people.

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Why is he speaking and when was Lance her best friend, it’s probably more awkward for her to hear acquaintances speak out , then fans she doesn’t know ... I couldn’t read this , gave me second hand embarrassment .... like who are you to speak .. like he said go worry about your own life 

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