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Britney Spears' dad Jamie calls the #FreeBritney movement a conspiracy theory and a joke

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21 minutes ago, csarsalcdo said:

This part really freak me out. What does it means? If shes not in the conservership then shes in danger? from other people? this part got me thinking!!!

“When she’s left to her own devices is where the trouble starts. She does have some serious issues.”

I agree and find it interesting as well.  

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'we don't want those sorts of fans' why do the spears family think we're fans of all of them? WE'RE ONLY FANS OF BRITNEYS!!!

Also if two of her ex boyfriends, as mentioned in this article confirm Britney is NOT mentally unstable, then WHY IS SHE IN A CONSERVATORSHIP?!

Is that why you used a dementia claim to lock your daughter in a conservatorship?  (If she has dementia, how has memorized so many dance moves for her shows and lyrics for recording songs) In 201

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3 minutes ago, alluvion said:

anphrodite did a reading with some kind of pendulum but ghosts kept interrupting it.

I think Britney picked up on this somehow. If you see the Deck Antphrodite was using somehow and the pic Britney posted on twitter shortly thereafter:

Its in very similar style. I own the deck. 


I was shook.

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Conservatorship is for really sick people. Leave the excuses cheap !!this is disgusting really disgusting since no media  contradicts them and tells them the meaning of conservatorship and what it is for.
As Adam Streisand is going to say something that is against conservatorship if he was one of the ideologues of this whole plot.

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1 hour ago, LELE said:

Michael  Jackson  had a drug problem ? and they are saying if Michael  had a conservatorship,he would be alive and would  enjoy doing shows.So they are saying   that the  reason  that Britney is under a  Conservatorship ,it's because she has a drug  problem?

i dont know  what are they  trying to say with Michael Jackson  quote:imacat:

Yeah I can see that too. Idk why they r relating MJs situation to Britney’s

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“The one and only...Olive Oildrigo :yesplease_yas_agree_preach:

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7 minutes ago, generation glory said:

Jamie Lynn’s deleted Instagram post (co-signed by Lou).  Bryan’s interview with Drew Plotkin. Jamie’s interview with the NY Post. 
All of this is carefully planned DAMAGE CONTROL. Team CON is in crisis mode. They’re scrambling!! They’re exposed, cornered and scared. How does it feel? 🤨 
They know we know what’s happening, who’s involved and why. The 💩  has hit the fan... it’s splattered. They’ll never be able to clean up their ****. But they won’t go down without a fight.

I think we should all be worried that someone in the inner circle will be spiteful enough to harm Britney. I can see one of them thinking, “If we can’t have control of Britney and her money then no one else will.” They’ll stage an “accident”.... 

Also, just because Lou Taylor hasn’t said anything publicly yet (in time she will of course😒)  don’t think for a minute she’s not involved in these pitiful attempts by the Spears’ to execute damage control to sway the court of public opinion back in their favor. We know they read this forum religiously. WE SEE YOU!

ETA- That Michael Jackson reference is CHILLING. Many of MJ’s fans believe he was murdered. Damn, his own sister LaToya pretty much said the same thing. THIS IS WHY I FEAR FOR BRITNEY’S LIFE!!

Sam should be with her 24/7 to make sure nothing happens to her. I trust him only to not want to be entangled in a murder.

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2 hours ago, MyahJeanSpears said:

She and the public are being gaslit. I've said this before but I will reiterate: The conservatorship is no longer helping her, but is actually detrimental to her health. If they actually cared about her they would have set her up with the best life coach and train her how to manage her own money and think critically to make choices for herself. If they had the best intentions, the conservatorship would have lasted 1-2 years MAX. But here were are 12 years later with a Britney who has seemingly regressed to a state that has everyone and their mother concerned.

Looking back at old interviews and performances, it is clear to see where the issues of her anxiety stem from. The always looking to handlers for approval or disapproval as if she is being held at gunpoint off camera. I no longer buy the narrative that she wants to be able to "perform all the time" because "performing" is where she's happiest. That is a tired *** narrative that they have been peddling to justify getting our coins since the Circus days. If performing is where she's happiest she would not be protesting any work obligations right now. It may become true for her once again when she's living her life on her own terms. But when she's forced to be a "work *****" to line up other people's pockets? She's BEEN done. 

To be honest, while I know its relevant to mention her shaving her head in 2007 and the subsequent breakdown. I'm tired of hearing about it. I was already growing angry at the article until they mentioned Jamie's abuse of the kids and I was like grinch smile GIF. Not because it amuses me to know that it happened but because I feel like this is a crucial detail most outlets leave out and the public needs to know. BRITNEY'S FATHER HIMSELF HAS BEEN QUOTED AS SAYING THEIR RELATIONSHIP HAS ALWAYS BEEN STRAINED. HE WAS AN ABUSER DURING HER CHILDHOOD TO THE ENTIRE FAMILY AND A DRUNK. HE WAS VIOLENT TO HER CHILDREN. HOW IS THIS ****ER STILL IN CONTROL? Judge Brenda Penny, EXPLAIN YOUR ******* SELF. Anyone with sense can see that this is a TOXIC situation that would be detrimental to ANYONE'S progress. I ******* can't. 

Spilled :mimiclap:

“The one and only...Olive Oildrigo :yesplease_yas_agree_preach:

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