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What Britney song explains your mood today?

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This song is such a moment. 
Definitely on my top ten of all time. 



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Featured. TEEHEE 💛🧡💜
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You drive me crazy cause these ****s at work are trying it today 

Hang in there! And reach out to someone if you need to. Don’t suffer in silence. Some things that help me are just remembering what I’m grateful for, so maybe that can help you also. Remember that you

Left the house today. Feeling really brave.   

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1 minute ago, C0CKy said:

When U Gon Pull It :straddle:

I don’t believe you, c0ock :yaknow:


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3 minutes ago, Roxxy said:

Mine is Anticipating:barbie:

...cause, I'll be anticipating, this is your song that's playing... on the 30DSC compilation~:bop:

I swear, the Britney album is so good. :overwhelm:

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2 minutes ago, Hooked-On-Knee said:

Why Should I Be Sad explains my mood today.

Flawless girl 


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2 minutes ago, Itachi said:

cuddling with my *****cat so i guess, Tiny Paws Hands :nicki2:


Mother Mary, help this lost soul :gloriascary:

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5 minutes ago, RebelMe said:

Someday :tiffsniffle:

Girl, enjoy this masterpiece. I truly love Someday! :hugs:

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4 minutes ago, OnlyFacts said:

Because I’m still in love with my ex :clown:


If he’s hung and xxl, then cry your *** off. :queenflopga: why would you let the snake go? 

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18 minutes ago, Style. said:

I swear, the Britney album is so good.

No wonder I like you. :barbie:

🦄 💛🧡💜

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