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BLACKPINK - "How You Like That" dance performance

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I love this kind of promotion K-pop bands do, a video only of the choreography, and the fact that the video is filmed in 4k, seriously is gorgeous.

Can you imagine Britney in Rosee's outfit? I'd kill to see her wearing that!!! :yesplease:


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BLACKPINK really have been killing it out here. Britney really needs to get BLACKPINK'S choreographer. Most of their dances are simple and arm driven and still look impressive. That's honestly what she needs right now.

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I live for the fact they gave Jisoo more dancing instead of keeping her hidden in the background :gloria: The ***** has definitely been working on her dance moves, she's actually very good now. 

Also did you notice that at 2:23 when they say "look up in the sky its a bird its a plane" Jisoo and Lisa look at one another and giggle while Rose and Jennie didn't do that at all. There's a story behind it and I wanna know what is it.

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God, I hated this song on first listen, but I think it's a banger now. Still think the choreography is awkward, though. :straddle:


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