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Justin Bieber posted a shirtless gym selfie on Instagram. 

Exhale, how we feeling about this? Does your body tingle or nah? :bieber:






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not to be negative but i don't think anything about him is hot. too many tattoos, face looks like hes 8, his music as of late has royally sucked, i mean....   irrelevant 

I’m grateful for anything 

Jordan, honey, please don't tell me your body """""tingle"""" to this ugly *** tattooed baby face man 

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When 'boyfriend' came out I thought he was the hottest thing since the sun first rose.....

But now he's just a little too cracked out and gross. 

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he's like the boy next door, nothing extra but there's something about him that makes my *** bop :lollipop:

he's like he's always ready to **** and I appreciate that :straddle:

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