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Tinashe & ZHU - "Die A Little Bit" Remix featuring Ms Banks (song)

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Tinashe unleashed a new remix on us. She re-worked her lead Songs For You single, "Die A Little Bit," and it's pure fire. Like the original, it includes ZHU (who co-wrote and produced it) & Ms Banks.

I love the orig, but this remix feels super fresh. 

I'm loving the remix route Tinashe is on right now. You may recall last week she dropped a remix for "Hopscotch" featuring THEY.

Check out her new offering below: 




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I came here to post it.
I wonder why she released a new ONE MINUTE dance video of this, and then redirects us to streaming platforms for the remix, AND why she deactivated the comments on the video...
The song goes haaaaard, and this is a good remix. If people don't buy into it then this girl is cursed, I don't know how else to explain it.

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I am into the Hopscotch remix :lollipop: but I can’t say the same for this one :zoomzoom: can’t wait for more remixes from Songs for you

*~Living Legend You Can Look But Don't Touch :cutesybritney_tongue_britney_p_lick:~*

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