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MEGARATE: Britney Spears - Glory (GAME)

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Welcome to the Glory Megarate Hi Guys, I don't know how this will go or whether my thread will flop but a lot of other forums have fun games like 'Megarates' and I though i'd start the

Hi guys,  I just wanted say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all 37 of you for playing!  I really hope you all have had fun and enjoyed this game! I'd LOVE your feedback! 

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCMENT Hi Guys! The deadline to send the rates is NEXT Saturday - 3pm British Summer Time  (7am Pacific Time) - So you still have time to send your rates if you haven't

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28 minutes ago, patience darling said:

I’m participating even tho I wasn’t tagged

thanks! i've been tagging the people who have been confirming they are playing, it wasn't a tag list :)

i'll add you! :) 

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9 hours ago, TheoDoor said:

Just submitted my ratings! Looking forward to the results! excited seth meyers GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers

thank you!! :thirsty:

5 hours ago, David Rose said:

I sent mine!

added!! :pumped:

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1 hour ago, Britney'sBish said:

I'll be Participating!

Glory is up for grading!



thank you! added :thirsty:

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24 minutes ago, mihai.serban said:

I'm in!


What does DM mean?

:pumped: welcome to Exhale!

DM means 'Direct Message', so at the top you should see an icon that looks like an envelope - click it, then create message and search my username and message me your rates :)

if you're having difficulties just reply to me here and i'll DM you and you can just respond!

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Hi Guys! :)

The deadline to send the rates is NEXT Saturday - 3pm British Summer Time  (7am Pacific Time) - So you still have time to send your rates if you haven't already and you can still sign up! I've had 34 people send their rates so far, i'm happy to see how many people have gotten involved :thirsty:

I will then hold the ceremony the following day, on Sunday 5th July at 8pm British Summer Time (12pm Pacific Time)

Please let me know if you'll be able to attend this proposed time or whether you have any other time suggestions?!

@dbagswag@Isla @Itachi@holditagainstbritney @Roxxy @Haha-Hehe-Haha-Ho @blackoutbixxh @Midnight

  @mihai.serban @Britney'sBish@Commotion@David Rose@TheoDoor@georgiaterri@LikeShatteredGlass@Cinderella85@CrazyKindaGurl@patience darling@everybodygoesdown@MoonMan@CripplerCrossface@Towelney @Midnight@TheGrandeLife@JustLuvMe07@PokemonSpears @Paolo94 @Louis_j @Peter Pan@GLOOMINATI@ColdAsFire88@kasavas @Blackout2006 @babyimmafreak90 @Towelney @Angels970 @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @Cheshire-B

Are you excited?


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