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Britney's Doctor is...DEAD

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This has been the weirdest year for a Britney fan even more weird than  2007. 

August 24: Britney's doctor dies and Jamie abuses Sean. What is going on? 

This has to be the weirdest year in her life. Hope she's doing ok 

2 hours ago, Joey Orfino said:

August 24: Britney's doctor dies.

August 25: Jamie abuses Sean.

What is going on? :hideous:

Jamie abused Sean on the 24th and Kevin pressed charges on the 25th. So the assault happened the same day the doctor died

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1 hour ago, C0CKy said:

Was he a threat to Team CONservatorship?

The fact this is a TMZ article, the timing, & the way it was written to discredit this man sure makes inquisitive minds wonder..

You can see a pattern on Team CShip not wanting to share Britney's medical records to the court or to her own mother

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Timing is really weird. I think they killed him. I hope britney won't share same destiny with Mj. These things are not just a fan theory. We are talking about million dolars. Power of money! They don't care artists. They can easily give up on them for money. 

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2 hours ago, snakesayan said:

He probably died from a build up of stress from being caught and being exposed for mishandling Britney as a patient, which caused that aneurysm #FreeBritney

You make me laugh :D That is not how things works, and britney haven't been on medication since last year, I bet he didn't even see her. Maybe a few times a year. You don't know if he was mishandling her, you actually don't know anything at all.

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Well if he is dead can they still evaluate his medical records. Or evaluation already done. I am scared for Britney. Cause ppl starting to die is really scary situation. Even if it's just coincedence but still that is really bad situation. I am not sure if ever Britney will be free woman .:wontcry:

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You guys know I’m all for conspiracy theories but imo at least right now, I’m not seeing a conspiracy. This is TMZ once again spinning, twisting & manipulating the story. Dr. Benson was indeed a board certified psychiatrist that at times counseled or gave inspirational pep talks to athletes in the nfl & nba. Nothing wrong with that and that didn’t impede on his time as a physician to Britney or others he was treating.

As for Britney’s med not working as says TMZ. How do we know that’s true?? 🤔 It could be that the medicinal “cocktail” her team & Drs had her on weren’t necessary because Britney was being treated for something she doesn’t have. I’ve long suspected they’ve drugged Britney with meds she doesn’t need just to keep her in a zombie like sedated state so she’ll comply and not cause her dad & handlers difficulties: like without meds she’d have awareness to know she doesn’t need it, it makes her feel worse, then she would not do what they want her to (make $ for them) and Britney would file legal docs to try to get outta cship. TMZ is NOT reporting the complete truth. There’s a slant to their reportings that ALWAYS benefits Jamie + the cship.

Read this. then read between the lines.

Sources connected to Britney tell TMZ the judge will receive a report within the next 10 days from a court-appointed evaluator who has spent more than 3 months determining if her medical and other care was appropriate.

^ Dr. Benson was not the court appointed evaluator whose findings will be on the report Judge Penny will receive. As I first said, this story is an intentional irrelevant distraction by TMZ. TMZ’s connected sources is people like Lou Taylor, Jamie Spears, Larry Rudolph & all those that want to keep control of Britney’s life, finances & career through keeping her under a cship. Their fear is Lynne filing to replace Jamie as conservator of Britney instead of her allowing it to go unchallenged which then the court would allow Jodi Montgomery,  the woman Jamie wants to do this job, to come on as conservator. At this point I’m not seeing a conspiracy just a stupid scare tactic and distraction by Tmz/Team Cship.

But I’ll remain open minded and wait to see what unfolds next in this crazy saga.

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