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  2. It’s a hot rotisserie mess for sure! Sam could be being used too as a plant to babysit Britney for Jamie and if he breaks the rules his $100k is at Steak 🥩 pun intended! Allegedly
  3. I believe these documents are fake Im just continuing on laughing at you all so badly wanting to believe Sam is a knoght in shining armor. Its like you folks foolishly want to believe that Sam just found his way into Britney life that easy.
  4. He's obviously not a real chef, they can't put "hired escort" on paper without it looking weird. That's if this is true.
  5. Ive watch a lot of his vids(okay i love ratchet love and hip hop LA LOL) and he usually has "stars" from those ratchet TV shows on his podcast or whatever you call it these days. So this is why its a lil weird to me....he usually has urban artist(hip hop/r&b/ rap) etc on his show. Ive watched a good portion of his videos and ive NEVER heard him cover a story on Britney... I wonder why he feels the need to now... Hmmm.....
  6. Slavery except they put her in a huge fancy cage and let her outside on to a beach every now and then. She’s not allowed to even see her kids when she wants. It’s a crazy, messed up situation. Lou in all this is the least deserving and most vile of them all: at least the rest actually do something. She’s a pure con artist.
  7. What make you think Britney does not know Will you folks stop portraying Britney like she's some clueless idiot
  8. Thank u for tagging me in this boo! I appreciate it. I discovered GG way later on when I was living in China. I literally saw the video for “catch me if you can” at a Karaoke bar for the first time and immediately fell in love with those *****es. I also liiiiiiiiiiiive for Shinee! Key and Minho are my ultimate babes!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  9. I 150% agree ... But on the bright side - trying to see a small silver lining here - at least she learned how to be healthy. She’s lost a lot of her best years tho to Team Con and she’ll never get that back. Money be damned but the manipulation is a painful pill. I can see why they did it: she was a sexaholic and addict, and he (Sam) could help her get on the straight and narrow. A live-in everything .. he could ask for whatever and they would have a permanent spy. How in the hell anyone thought that Team Con wasn’t paying him is beyond me. They’ve cut out everyone from her life that wasn’t in it to keep her career going. Why wouldn’t her boyfriends also be employees? You can’t marry the help tho. Sam would have been cut out the minute he tried. Guaranteed he’s ‘cheated‘ by now. He’s not that bright and undoubtedly he will try to get his cake and eat it too.
  10. So can we assume that most of (if not all) Britney's boyfriends have been paid to be with her? Also, the fact that we have been giving those guys money to be with her
  11. GTFOH personal chef $500 a day on average 5 days a week! Chile has Sam even been seeing Britney consistently 5 days a week on average? On top of that is he cooking one meal or all three meals on a day he cooks for that $500? It’s extremely strange that her boyfriend would get put on the payroll as a personal chef with pay from Britney’s money! So Lou gets her $500k Sam gets his $100k Jamie gets his $100k Jamie Lynn takes flights on Britney’s money according to court documents! K Fed has no consistent job and is raking in child support from Britney and he’s got 6 kids! Someone educate me on how Kevin doesn’t seem to have a steady full time job and is able to support 6 kids from 3 different women? Everyone is getting a piece of Britney’s money and it’s not speculation it’s in court docs! Meanwhile Britney works her *** off and gets an allowance and had her boyfriend is raking in 6 figures for allegedly being a chef! WTF GTFOH
  12. Sam is totally there for the money and the clout. And this is hella wrong... Not only is Britney a slave of her team but they also supply her with a prostitute to fulfill her sexual needs and get her to chill and shut up through gaslighting and manipulation. Meanwhile said male prostitute probably isn't allowed to ride on Britney's fame that hard per contract... which makes him anxious. Yes, he probably "cheats" on the side. How is that NOT effed up?! Poor woman. She's been reduced to childish shell of her former self. I'm about to believe this isn't the first time Scam sells his companionship to sad lonely clients. Female AND MALE. Allegedly. Oh yes. The L.A. streets are talking...
  13. Yeah but it's not like they're going to believe it's real. As of now it's not confirmed so idk. I believe it but @C0CKy needs to confirm the details so it's not another Billy B situation.
  14. So where is this account? It doesn't show up on Instagram. What happened? Did he delete his account? Did he get afraid of being sued? For manipulating court documents?
  15. I hate every basic track will.i.am touched ... including Scream and Shout. I think Work B. ruined the iconic “It’s Britney B” line and turned it generic. ... but I’ll still sing and cringe as much as when I hear Email My Heart. ... Also I think Primney is overrated. Blackout is the best album she’s ever made ... and the only one I still own. But I hate Piece of Me. Every video plain sucks in that era... even the anime one and I love anime.
  16. I’m into it. Not a huge fan of the song but it would be cool to see a more Pop Type video for it.
  17. Have u noticed how his smile strangely disappears after he gave her the rose bc he probably thought he wasnt being filmed anymore ? Its hella creepy.
  18. i love how woke everyone is all the time except when it comes to britney
  19. She’s still trying to make 911 happen? This is so May 2020.
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