Exhale Rated 4th Biggest Music Forum Ever, Celebritney Coming To Slay

BreatheHeavy.com’s forum home to thousands of Britney Spears fans, Exhale, was just rated the fourth biggest music forum on the Internet based on posts, interaction, members and relevance in the industry. The top three are general music forums that support any and ALL music artists, so Exhale (which focuses solely on the Queen) being that high up is huge. I wasn’t going to mention this until a few weeks out, but what better time?

BreatheHeavy.com is expanding this summer and will update about other pop musicians on a separate part of the website called:


Celebritney will post about relevant pop artists, and tie in those main page stories into Exhale (this place about to blowww). In other words, I’m gunning for that number one spot! I look forward to bringing in new readers (both Britney and non) as we continue to grow. Britney news will always take priority, and the main page will remain on just her. I’m ready for a new challenge and am super excited to start this next chapter.

Sidenote: Slightly nervous how Exhalers will handle this news because y’all love a good freakout and are super fierce with your GIF reactions, but I promise you it’s going to bring even more excitement to (apparently) one of the biggest music forums on the net.

If you haven’t already, register an account and join The Army. It’s gonna get crazy!