One lucky fan, Isadora Kalif, attended the afterparty at Tribe Hyperclub in Montreal after Britney’s “Circus” show, and emailed in this exclusive picture and video of Britney thanking her fans / holding hands with Snowflake.

Unfortunately, the fan did not have quite the experience she hoped for.


“No cameras allowed, they kept all of them at the entrance. Since we could not get in with cameras, this picture and the video were made by a cellphone.

It was disappointing, she spoke less than 1 minute (around 20 seconds, indeed) from upstairs, where she stayed the whole time. Then, she was dancing with her dancers covering her, so we barely could see Britney. After 40 minutes, she left without saying anything, we could not even touch her or something. The $150 for a VIP table (which we all thought was gonna be upstairs as well as her) wasn’t worth it at all. Anyways… The concert was awesome, though. And she’s back on May 5th.

Circus, here we come again!”

Click below to view:

“Party hard!”

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