just got a sneak peek from an industry insider of Britney’s new covershoot for Glamour Magazine! Though the pictures are secure under lock and key, I am allowed to give a short description:

Shot by Mark Liddell, Britney rocks several pricey gowns and one-pieces. In one set, Britney wears a short white dress with the slit rising all the way up to her waist, tied with a golden silk belt.

Another set shows a soft, seductive Britney posing in a long, floor-length purple gown and cream-colored high heels. Britney rests her hands on her neck and hips, glancing at the camera ever-so-seductively with long blonde hair. No smiles in this group.

The shoot soon heats up though when Britney is photographed in a black Dolce & Gabana mini that covers just her bottom, mid-section and breasts, as well as a pair of shiny green-sequenced shoes. Her blonde hair is shoulder length in these. Several snaps are in color, the rest are in black & white.

The last set features Britney, still with short blonde hair, in a long black lace dress with bare shoulders and a high slit reaching her upper thigh, posing in a dark room full of metal steps, light fixtures and silver tile.

The source tells me you’ll see the issue sooner than later, but this taste should tie your watering mouths over. For now!

ps – OH, and some of these should be in Vanity Fair too. Didn’t hear it from meeee.

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