exclusively obtained the notice sent to potential backup dancers for Britney’s UPCOMING MUSIC VIDEO!

It states specifically the single will be released in January with the video following shortly.

It says:


“The dates for the project are still to be determined but it will be happening on either the 9th and 10th of January with rehearsals anytime after Xmas and leading up to those dates or on the 15th and 16th with rehearsals leading in after Xmas as well.

He is looking for men and women with fabulous bodies and faces. They must be versatile.

This is not for the tour at this time or even promo. It is just for the video.

The audition starts Wednesday at 11AM for women, 3 PM for men. Callbacks at 6:30 PM.

Choreographer Brian Friedman, Tweeted he’s ready for tomorrow’s audition.

The message sent to BH states he specifically wants the following:


“Please have dancers come camera ready. I am looking for stars to compliment the artist and not “classroom dancers”.

Body conscious with hair and make up done. This applies to men and women.”

Good luck tomorrow, dancers!

Fans: bust out the champagne bottles for a January single release!!!

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