Roula From Disastrous Houston Interview Explains The Situation

Britney’s record label told fans the reason the Roula & Ryan Houston radio interview got scrapped was due to one of the hosts using profanity during a story they tried telling Britney, saying it is “unfortunate that one station used profanity while telling her a long story — which was completely disrespectful.”

Roula tells exclusively what exactly went down.

“The interview was scrapped because one of our show members, Kevin a.k.a. ‘Special K,’ is a HUGE fan of Britney and spends top dollar to go to her shows. He first thanked her for the YEARS of dance entertainment she has provided him. I told Britney that he had a funny story and he started telling her:

When her Circus Tour came through Houston years ago, he had MANY friends who were in the venue. He was drinking beer and dancing. He asked Britney if there was some sort of ‘scent’ piped into the venue and gave an example of another female artist tour that piped in CottonCandy scent in their venue. Up to this point of his story, Britney was silent and Kevin then told her he “**** himself” at that show. I immediately cut in and said, ‘Kevin! You can’t say it like THAT!’

Kevin said,”But I did!!” At that point the record label jumped into the call and told Kevin he needed to dial it back. I was apologizing for him to not scare her off. It was downhill from there.

If he could have ended the story he would have let her know that months later, 2 other friends revealed to him that at her same concert, they also had bathroom accidents at the venue. It was so funny! What are the odds of THAT happening? WAS there a scent that promoted “bubble guts” in some fans???

Jordan, if I was Britney I would have had fun with that. Not offended. She could have laughed it off by saying something like ,’Sounds like a personal problem to me hahaha.’ Instead, we got shut down.”

They stopped the interview mid-way because of the word “****?”

Exclusive: Roula From Disastrous Houston Interview Explains The Situation

Roula explains the reason for their on-air rant was because as radio hosts they were irritated she didn’t provide more in depth answers.

“You WANT her to WANT to have the conversation… not just long pauses after open ended questions that are answered with mostly yes and nos,” she says. “Britney’s super fan ‘army’ will always be crazy loyal to her. This was a chance to bring some people back into Britney’s fan base… You know, the fans that checked out over the years for whatever reason. To be time limited and just allowed those three questions was insulting. Either you want to do the interview or not. That is why it is so frustrating.”

The recording of their “frustration” was played nearly 60,000 times.

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