Last year as we know had many ups and downs for Britney. She gave birth to Jayden James, filed for divorce from Kevin Federline, and began taking her “new found freedom a bit too far,” as she put it on her official website back in December of last year. In that same letter to her fans, Britney explained that she was just looking for a good time after the split: “It’s been so long since I’ve been out on the town with friends.” In comes Paris Hilton, celebutante and fashion extraordinaire.

Britney and Paris met up back in mid November of last year in Las Vegas. The two were inseparable for three weeks and partied at some of L.A.’s trendiest hot spots. December rolls around, and Paris Hilton is nowhere to be seen, leaving many to question how, why, or if their relationship ended. Because of the series of events that lead after Britney’s “newly re-discovered freedom,” many Brit fans placed blame on Paris; that she was a bad influence. Paris wants to set the record straight on

Paris wants both Britney and her fans to know that she is there for Britney, and supports her 100%, and that she will continue to be there for her. The two were and are still on good terms.

“Jeff” (requesting to use an alias), a mutual friend of both Britney and Paris tells that the two are still close: “The two have always been friends, there’s been no bad blood between them, paris has been nothing but loyal to britney since day one, and Britney adores paris to death.” Paris confirmed to Breathe Heavy directly that “Jeff’s” statement was true.

Britney and Paris were both spotted at club Opera several days ago. This marks the first time the two have publicly been together in over 9 months. Will we see more of the dynamic duo? Only time will tell, but until then… here’s to new dresses, gawking fans, and upping the price of paparazzi pictures.


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