Madison opens up about her empowering new song.

Madison Beer brings the heat in her new music video for “Say It To My Face.”

All eyes are on Madison. In her new visual, male models tend to her every need – offering the singer flowers, giving her a massage, and brushing her gorgeous brunette hair, but that doesn’t stop the rising pop star from tying them up with rope and giving them the middle finger. According to Madison, the video doesn’t incorporate a revenge element like it may seem. Instead, it dives into themes of “empowerment and self worth.”

As for the song? “Some of it is about people on social media and how they’re such big talkers sitting behind a screen,” Beer tells “It’s a mix of different references about relationships in general. Girls can be catty and talk behind your back… then there’s love and how we don’t always say how we feel but can run our mouths about issues to their friends and stuff.”

“Tell me, what’s the situation? I’ve been rackin’ on my brain,” she sings. “Just want some answers if I ask you / But I know you’ll never say it to my face / Say it to my face.”

If there’s one thing Madison wants you to take away from the track, it is the importance of “standing up for yourself” and “not taking crap from anyone!”

Watch below:

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