A moment in time.

Artist MABE (Mads Bergland) premiered a dreamy visual for his new single “HLDN” featuring Soleima and Umi Copper.

Starry skies and smokey light engulf two hipsters in the new Zebra Katz-directed video for “HLDN.” The producer captures a couple of precious moments between a couple in the clip, incorporating a trippy background and a vintage polaroid to travel through time and space. It was inspired by a dream he had.

“The dream was a bit psychedelic and I was on a space trip to the moon with a girl I was crushing on,” MABE tells BreatheHeavy.com, a vision he says reflects in the video. “I wanted it to be the love story that I’ve had in my dream.” He also drew inspiration from New York in the 60’s/70’s “and the whole vibe around Andy Warhol’s Factory.”

“It was also important for me that the video was stylish, playful and modern looking, even tho my references sometimes are a bit old school.”

What does he want people to take away from it? “To me it’s all about the vibes and I’m just hoping that people are feeling the vibe from the song and the video. I think the atmosphere of the song fit’s almost every setting and every moment.”

Watch below:

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