Strike a pose.

Like all things #rebelheart, Madonna’s latest promotional move has leaked ahead of schedule.

By the looks of things, the original covergirl will be gracing the cover of Rolling Stone’s March issue in aid of her new album – and she looks simply stunning!

M donated her cable ties to the “Fifty Shades” cast and gave Lourdes the night off from Photoshopping “Rebel Heart” tattoos for this one, allowing her striking features to be prominent with a gorgeous close-up.

Those eyes! The brows! And, of course, the red lip.

The album campaign may have been sabotaged severely from the start but the Queen is trying her best to salvage what she can and prove who owns the throne.

First, she stole the show at the Grammy Awards earlier this month and we expect her to do the same tomorrow night at the BRIT Awards. Rumor has it that Madge will be performing twice(!) with “Living For Love” and a special career retrospective, so we may well be in for a treat!

The issue is expected to hit newsstands on March 4.

Vogue, forever and always.