Exclusive First Look At Circus Tour Setlist

Spoiler Alert:

A tour insider has sent in exclusively to BreatheHeavy.com what appears to be the official tour setlist for The Circus Tour Starring Britney Spears, as well as detailed information regarding the third act of the show:


“We’re really going after the whole Amy thing,” says the source. “It’s centered in a club and the stage will have a lot of props dividing it between a bar and a dance floor during this part… It will be a concept of two ‘Britneys’ – Amy and Britney’s night out. They’re doing crazy stuff with lighting, and they needed a lot of room for dancers so it will be very high energy.

There’s also a scene that’s meant to resemble Britney’s chamber, that follows the club sequence with Blur and lighter notes.”

Break The Ice video
Shattered Glass

ACT 2:
Mona Lisa video
Lucky (soul)
Medley: My Prerogative / Oops!… I Did It Again
Kill The Lights
Piece of Me

ACT 3:
Amy / club
If U Seek Amy video
Do Somethin’ / Freakshow medley
Get Naked
Me Against The Music video (possible Madonna appearance)
Slave 4 U / Mannequin medley
If U Seek Amy (2 versions)

ACT 4:
Blur video
Unusual You
Mmm Papi

ACT 5:
My Baby, piano
Sometimes, choir?
Out From Under

ACT 6:
It’s Britney, ***** video
Gimme More
Baby One More Time
Circus (encore)

Click the picture above for a hires version of the setlist. Enjoy.