Exclusive Details About Alternate "Perfume"

The Alternate version of “Perfume” on the Deluxe “Britney Jean” is haunting, dark, cold, hollow; a distant cry from Will.I.Am’s version, a music insider shares with BreatheHeavy.com. The eerie drum loop mixed with guitars, strings, synth pads and the piano (that beautiful piano!) suits the lyrics far better than the heavy bass does in the radio mix. The sound is deeper and more straightforward rather than the embellishments on the album version.

The alternate “Perfume” features a slowed-down chilling background mixed with echoey vocals (lyrics and duration remain the same) – a much stronger-sounding traditional ballad versus Will’s radio-friendly power slow-jam.

I bet Britney will go with this version for Vegas. Fans are going to LOVE this new mix!