A fan from Marinette, WI got their Circus CD ahead of schedule today. Lucky for us, they took pictures of the booklet! I dig it!

Britney’s thank you message:


Preston and Jayden – my heart, my soul, my everything! Mom and dad. My brother Bryan. My sister Jamie Lynn and my beautiful niece Maddie. Larry Rudolph for helping me keep it all together. Adam Leber AKA Twinkle Toes, Brett Miller AKA Smowflake- for getting my *** out of bed. Lulu – for cooking my food.

Casey Sanchez, Edan/Princess, Tom Hanson, Ken Hertz, Seth Lichtenstien, Jason Trawick, John Marx, Mark Itkin, Tim, Randy, John and everyone at AEG, Andre Fuentes, Wade Robson, Amanda Robson, Steve Dixon, Mo Morrison, Dan George, Phil Griffin, Andrew Fried, Radical Media, Joseph Bongiovi, Larry Winokur, Holly Shakoor, Joseph Nejman, Lauren Kozak and Andrew Gallery.

My family at Jive Records…
Barry Weiss, Tom Carrabba, Peter Thea, Teresa LaBarbera Whites, Dan Zucker, Jeff Dodes, Joe Riccitelli, Wendy Washington, Gina Orr, Janet Kleinbaum, Jackie Murphy, Bob Anderson, John Fleckenstein, JoAnne Kaeding, Donna Clower and Shannah Miller

Special thanks to Clive Calder for helping me get it all started!

And especially my amazing fans!

Click below to view:

Should be getting clearer shots soon!

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