Recently, Britney has been sporting what looks like an engagement ring. Well, wonder no more!

A rep for Swarovski emailed BreatheHeavy with exclusive details behind Britney’s latest jewelery.

The rock Britney’s rocking on her ring finger is Swarovski’s Flirt Ring, priced at more than $14,000, which she purchased in Berlin, Germany during the European leg of her “Circus” tour.

In addition to the Flirt Ring Britney’s worn, Swarovski also sent details about other items Britney was seen wearing during her recent MTV VMA video promo shoot, including the Hot Black Diamond Ohrclips, the Hot Black Diamond Halskette and the Hot Armband.

In other words, Britney bought the ring for herself!

PS – Swarovski, my mom has a bday coming up. Just saying!


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