You may have noticed a lot of cameras following Britney during her trip to New York City this week. But it wasn’t just the paparazzi that got in on the action!

An NYC source exclusively reveals to that Britney was being filmed for part of an upcoming DVD she is releasing this year with JIVE! The DVD is said to be launching with the new album, making it a special CD/DVD combo currently priced at $24.42.

New York wasn’t the only time Britney was filmed by her own crew. Brit has been photographed being filmed by her bodyguard Lee for months now, including her trips to Cabo San Lucas, Las Vegas, and all around L.A.

Other reports suggest the footage will also appear on Britney’s new website, as well as television networks. “It’s part of Britney’s image rehab plan,” a source close to the Spears camp tells E! News. “They want to shoot footage of Britney in her best light, showing her looking happy and healthy, and then parcel out the film however and whenever they want.”

“Some of it may show up on her newly revamped website,” reports E!, “which is launching any day now. And the rest could possibly show up as a montage during her music tour or parceled out to entertainment television shows.”

“It’s all about controlling the images and messages out there about Britney,” says our source. “It’s old-school public relations, really. It’s about finding ways to reintroduce her as that sweet, happy girl, the one people remember before her problems began.”

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