An insider close to Fernando Garibay, a confirmed producer for the upcoming album, has revealed exclusively to some of the details for an upcoming track Britney has recorded entitled “Amnesia.” The insider says: “If it really goes on the final album, I bet it’ll be a smash hit! It’s kind of Britney fighting with a voice inside her, and damn… it’s a huge fight, with an aggressive and uptime instrumental. And be ready, Brit is screaming in the studio.

They went on to reveal a bridge from the song:


“It’s kinda amnesia / (baby, just forget it) / what you save only weighs you / and all I want is to be free / (to fly higher than ever) / so baby get out of my way / (I ain’t still the same) now you are in my freaking game / and it’s hotter than ever / (it’s kinda amnesia)”

The track, contrary to reports, does NOT feature Justin Timberlake – nor does the other Garibay produced track titled “Quicksand.”

I’ve always wanted a scream-o Britney track! “Amnesia” for the album title name? Hope so.

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