Despite reports claiming Adnan Ghalib is in jeopardy of being deported to Afghanistan after being charged with assault with a deadly weapon, hit-and-run and battery, sources reveal to BreatheHeavy.com this is not true.

“Adnan is infact a citizen of the United States,” said the source. “He has lived here for over 10 years and became an official citizen in 2006. Also, if deportation were an option, he would be returned to Britian.”

“As for the charges, with the seriousness of them, I would have assumed he would have just left the country but he can’t really go home,” continued the source.

There’s always a dumpster!

“His parents practically banished him after they found out about his relationship w/ B. They also were not aware that he was married, nevermind the fact she was a white girl / former stripper.”

Ghalib hit a process-server with his car back in February after attempting to avoid being served legal papers regarding the restraining order by Jamie Spears on behalf of Britney.

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