Britney wants to put the child support battle behind her, but Kevin Federline is digging his heels in the sand.


Britney wants to put the child support battle behind her, but Kevin Federline is digging his heels in the sand.


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If you’re a little lost, swipe down to read about Britney and Kevin’s ongoing child support battle.

In short, Kevin is demanding an additional $20,000 per month from Britney (a total of $40,000), but she’s rejecting the offer.

See what Exhale is saying about this.

According to a new report from The Blast, Team B has agreed to meet in the middle – offering K-Fed an additional $10,000 (a total of $30,000), but Kevin is adamant he deserves the full $20,000 extra he’s requesting.

Kevin’s lawyer says Kevin wants “the reasonable needs of the children to be met,” but Team Spears isn’t buying that. They believe he wants the money to support his other four kids and, basically, not work like the rest of the entire world.

Fed may want to take the deal, especially considering he’s got more than $80,000 in legal bills right now.  Just a thought.


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Britney’s vacation to Miami couldn’t have come at a better time.

During her time away, Kevin Federline’s lawyer subpoenaed the pop star in the ex-couples’ ongoing child support battle

“Her lawyer, Laura Wasser, accepted the subpoena on Britney’s behalf,” a source explains to Us Magazine. “The subpoena also included financial discovery, including Britney’s most recent tax returns, and a completed income and expense declaration.”


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The deposition will take place in the next two weeks.

See what Exhale is saying about this.

It’s worth mentioning Britney’s rumored new single, “Apple Pie,” is also supposed to premiere in the next two weeks. Thanks, K-Fed.

To get the full scoop, continue reading the original report below.




IF you’re not up to speed with Britney and Kevin’s latest legal drama, I suggest giving this story a read first. It details the ups and downs leading up to now, as well as Kevin’s letter begging Britney for more money per month (he currently receives $20,000, and reportedly wants it upped to $40,000). Heads up: it’s hard to read.


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Alright, now that you’re in the know, it’s time to fill you in on the latest K-Fed plea. His longtime attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, gave an interview to Us Weekly (the audacity!) about his client and Britney’s child support battle.

In an effort to get information on her financial status, Kevin and Kaplan plan on deposing Britney. They previously tried to get this information, but she declined to provide it. They want this because Britney is an exceptional earner and K-Fed wants a piece of it.


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After her tumultuous times more than a decade ago, Britney lost sole physical and legal custody of their two sons, and in the eyes of the court this has not changed. K-Fed allows “for very liberal visitation in which Britney and Kevin have the boys 50/50,” says a source to the mag. “It’s at Kevin’s sole discretion how often and when the boys see Britney.”

That sounds threatening.

Us’ insider also believes Kevin “has gone above and beyond what most people would do in his situation.” If you fill in the blanks, that translates to Kevin feels he deserves an increase in child support.

Kaplan explains Kevin wants “the reasonable needs of the children to be met.”


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It’s worth reminding you Kevin has four other children as well (six total). 

A source close to Britney says that “all of [Preston and Jayden’s] expenses are paid for,” and notes that Kevin’s four other children are “not Britney’s responsibility.”

Here’s the depressing and problematic part. The source adds that Britney is “extremely concerned” about losing her visitation rights if she doesn’t appease Kevin’s monetary request. His lawyer refutes that, saying “this is only about Kevin’s request for a reasonable payment increase,” but that’s not what the underlying message is if you read between the lines.

Can K-Fed prove in a court of law exactly why he needs an additional $20,000 per month to care for Sean and Jayden? Let’s see those receipts first… then come cry to Us Weekly, yeah?

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