Britney’s ex-manager/friend, Sam Lutfi, opened up to awaiting paparazzi last night in West Hollywood, claiming Britney is “miserable” in the conservatorship.

Lutfi does not believe Britney is in a better place now…

“She’s not entitled to talk to whatever friends she wants to hang out with, or have a cell phone, or go where ever she wants,” Sam told X17, “and I just think it’s quite sad.”

He feels the conservatorship Britney is placed under has made her miserable, adding the predicament Britney is in is “modern day slavery.”

“Hopefully she’ll win some freedom back and be able to tell her story on her own rather than this falsified puppeteer act,” says Lutfi.

“There are no friends around… just assistants and agents.”

When asked if Lutfi has been in contact with Britney, he tells photogs “I can’t say, but she knows I miss her and I’ll see her again soon. I think all this will come to an end and she’ll have her freedom.”

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Lutfi continues to say he never once drugged Britney, allegations Jamie and Lynne Spears made last year.


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