Britney’s former bodyguard, Fernando Flores, is clinging onto his 60 seconds of fame by filing a suit for $10 million claiming Brit sexually harassed him. Now, Flores alleges Britney neglected her kids during his time working for the pop star.

Flores says Britney denied her two young sons medical treatment after “deliberately and recklessly” feeding them crabmeat, despite their life threatening allergies to seafood, claims Star magazine.

“Despite the fact that Spears, Plaintiff (Flores) and the children’s nanny all knew that her two small sons had serious and even life threatening food allergies to seafood, Spears deliberately and recklessly fed her two sons crabmeat,” Flores wrote in papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on September 6.

“When both boys started vomiting, Spears explicitly prevented Plaintiff and the children’s nanny from seeking medical care for the children.”

When Flores asked Britney about the incident, she apparently said “Mind your own ******* business!”

Flores says Britney “seldom supervised or interacted with the children” and showed “special favoritism” to Jayden. She had “concomitant neglect and even hostility towards” the older child Preston, he says.

“To compensate for this, Plaintiff (Flores) would often comfort Preston by whispering in Preston’s ear out of Jayden’s hearing, ‘Preston, you’re my favorite,’” it’s alleged in the latest papers.

Flores has said Britney bent over naked in front of him during his time working for her. When he denied her pass, he claimed she said “What are you, a ******* ******? **** you! Get the **** outta my house!”

After speaking with her father, Britney allegedly yelled at Flores: “Now you got me in ******* trouble with my dad — he’s threatening to take my kids away!” While being driven to the psychologist by Flores, he recounted, Britney shouted into the phone: “I have to go (to the psychologist) because this ******* bodyguard doesn’t know how to tell the truth — I’d rather go to rehab than continue with this ****.”

This story is such ********. Moving on…

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