Britney’s former bodyguard, Fernandes Flores, has managed to keep the press preoccupied with his allegations against Britney since last summer when he accused Britney of sexual harassment. He said she abused her children, beat boyfriend Jason Trawick, was under the influence of prescription drugs and took photos of her privates and sent them to her now ex-bodyguard. Now, Flores claims Britney used various drugs including methamphetamines and a drug used to treat heroin or morphine overdoses, reports

Flores claims in recently filed court documents Britney farted and picked her nose “unapologetically,” did not bathe for days on end, nor brushed her teeth or ever wore deodorant.

“Spears was generally personally unkempt,” Flores alleged.

He says Britney craved drugs during his time working for her. “Based on his former experience as a police officer, Plaintiff (Flores) is informed and believes and alleged thereon that Defendant Spears was often under the influence of illegal prescription and non-prescription drugs, such as Ritalin, Narcon (Naloxone) and methamphetamines,” the documents state.

Ritalin is generally used to treat ADHD in adults. “Narcon, or Naloxone, is an opiate antagonist and prevents or reverses the effects of opiate overdose, for example heroin or morphine overdose. It is specifically used to counteract life-threatening depression of the central nervous system and respiratory system, sedation and hypotension,” reports Radar.

Flores claims, “Defendant Spears was mentally unstable, and personally obnoxious and demanding, requiring her staff on various occasions and for no rationally discernable reasons to address her as “Jennifer” or “Queen Bee,” on other occasions, Defendant Spears would cut her hair in an erratic fashion, leaving uneven and bald spots on her head.”

“Spears made repeated unwanted sexual advances to Plaintiff, summoning (him) to her room at her residence for no other purpose or reason than to expose her naked or near naked body to Plaintiff,” according to the suit.

But Flores insists “the sexual advances of Spears were unwanted for a variety of reasons.”

“Spears had obnoxious personal habits, such as chain smoking cigarettes, which made her smell continually of stale tobacco,” he wrote in his court document. She broke wind or picked her nose unselfconsciously and unapologetically before Plaintiff (Flores) and others and she was constantly and gratuitously loud and profane in her speech. She did not bathe for days on end, did not use deodorant, did not brush her teeth, did not fix her hair, did not wear shoes or socks.”

According to Flores, he suffered psychological damage, anxiety attacks, depression and insomnia as a result of Britney’s alleged harassment.

Last year, Britney’s team responded to the sexual harassment charges as “another unfortunate situation where someone is trying to take advantage of the Spears family and make a name for himself.”

Since, Britney has filed a series of pre-emptives strikes in court against Flores, including a motion to strike the lawsuit and a legal objection, arguing Flores cannot sue for distress resulting from witnessing Britney’s antics and any harassment was not “severe” or “pervasive.”

The motion to strike accuses Flores of continuing “to embellish on his tale of lewd and sensational allegations.”

The new allegations, as revealed by Star, the motion says: “contain a litany of insults toward Ms. Spears” that are “clearly designed to prejudice Ms. Spears in the eyes of the public and the Court.”

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