Or lack thereof?

Britney’s former assistant, Alli Sims, is talking about Britney’s breakdown.

But according to Sims in a new interview with Access Hollywood, Britney’s tumultuous year looked worse then it really was.

“I feel like the media made it appear a lot more insane than it really was,” Sims told Access.

Sims also opened up about the intense media pressure, particularly the paparazzi, saying they were always followed by dozens of shutterbugs.

“It was a minimum of 50 people following us,” she said. “It made everything look so much more hectic. It was crazy.”

When asked she got the boot from being Britney’s assistant, Sims said, “No.”

“I still lived with her after I wasn’t working with her and we’re still best friends,” Sims said.

Sims did, though, admit she was banned from seeing Britney after Brit’s father / co-conservator, Jamie Spears, forbid the up and coming (?) country singer to see Britney.

“Yeah, he definitely said that,” she said. “You know, they’re very controlling and that’s fine and I just stepped back. I’m not going to fight nine lawyers and parents.”

Britney’s life is currently micro-managed by a slew of lawyers, judges, managers and family who, on the outside, brought “order” to Britney’s life.

“They pretty much cut out everyone, honestly,” Sims said.

Sims denied reports claiming Britney suffers from bipolar or post-partum depression.

“I just feel like, you know, she had kids fast,” Sims said. “There was a divorce going on and that’s a lot for a young person to handle.”

As for why Britney barricaded herself with son Jayden at her mansion in the Summit, refusing to give him back to ex-husband Kevin Federline, Sims said the reason was “simple.”

“She was just like, ‘I wasn’t ready for them … you know, to go home,’” Sims recalled. “It was a mom just being protective and a mom that didn’t want her kids to leave … I mean, it’s weird when you have kids three days a week and you’re used to having them all day everyday.”

Britney was committed to UCLA’s Psychiatric Ward later that night.

Sims said Britney was: “Fine, fine. Honestly, fine.”

Due to the hospitalizations, in part, Britney lost custody of her two sons.

“I think that was a really harsh step,” Sims said. “It looked a lot worse than it was … I actually got subpoenaed for the custody case and I was in there for eight hours and it was brutal. But, I mean, I just sat in there and told the truth. There was nothing bad to say.”

Sims and Britney have not, apparently, spoken for over a year.

Instead, Sims is working on her upcoming album, with her latest single, “Driving Blind,” currently available for download.

The song is about missing someone, in this case, Britney.

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