After Britney Spears dumped a bucket of ice water onto her manager’s head the other day, she told him it was for the 17 years of torture she’s been through.

Now I know it’s an expression, but was there a little truth to it?

Photographer David LaChapelle first met Britney in 1999 for her infamous Rolling Stone magazine cover shoot, then reconnected with her for the “Everytime” music video. He says at the time, Britney was unmotivated to finish filming that video and, frankly, was over it. All of it.

He says in a new interview:

“Britney never actually really wanted this career… She was doing pageants for kids when she was a little girl. So when she falls everyone is watching on TV, like it’s gossip. When she was 17 years old and we shot Rolling Stone, I met her parents at her house and they were sweet. Everyone was really nice. There were pictures and trophies of her as a beauty pageant girl and then she exploded into worldwide fame. It wasn’t really a life that she asked. In my mind, I believe she didn’t exactly want and came to New York with that goal and worked at it and became a big popstar.”

“When we were doing the ‘Everytime’ video and shooting the second day, she didn’t want to finish it. We didn’t have a video. I remember thinking ‘wow, she doesn’t really wanna be here.’ Working with people who are celebrities over the years taught me that there’s a lot of suffering in an artist. When people get rich like that everybody wants something. It’s like winning the lottery… People are making a lot of money off of them (celebrities).”

Right around that time was when Britney met Kevin Federline, stopped touring and settled down to have a family. Is it at all accurate?

What do YOU think of LaChapelle’s revelation?